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I'm a guy who loves everything that's digital.

My started to approach the open source world began in 2007 with version 7.04 of Ubuntu. From that moment I began to understand what a wonderful world open source is, with everyone trying to help others, and from that moment my life has changed.

I love trying to help open source projects with my self-taught skills. My first passion in the open source world was and still is vector graphics.

Summary of my contributions to Kubuntu

Wow, when I read Kubuntu a lot of things come to mind. It was my first distribution with KDE Plasma. It was the distribution that introduced me to projects like Amarok and Krita.

I've been using Kubuntu for over 7 years now and I have lost count of how many PCs of friends and relatives I've installed this distro on.

I contributed directly to the Kubuntu project by helping the Podcast team, by working on the edited audio, and inserting the instrumental segway sections.

I designed 3 banners for 3 Kubuntu releases, which have appeared on the website.


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I have had the pleasure to work alongside Andrea for about 3 years.

His help at the beginning of the Podcast was instrumental in launching the show, and helping it get off the ground.

Andrea is a talented visual designer, who has contributed lots of graphics, including the website Konqi logo and banner for the Wily Werewolf release.

Andrea is a really nice guy and a valued member of our community.

Rick Timmis

Andrea has been around Kubuntu for as long as I can remember and has always been willing to help out in whatever way he can. From artwork for the website, to behind the scenes editing and preparing video for the podcast team. He is a hard worker with a can do attitude.

I am very pleased that he has decided to come on-board as a Kubuntu member and would be a great asset within the community. Hopefully he would get involved in the new marketing team being talked about at present **hint hint nudge nudge**

-- Clive Johnston -- clivejo 2017-12-16 17:41:07

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