Email: <andreas.rudin AT SPAMFREE revamp-it DOT ch>

IRC: arevamp on #revamp at

City: Zuerich

Country: Switzerland

Projects and Membership

  • Member of revamp-it Team in Zuerich, Switzerland

    • revamp-it is selling recycled laptops and any other kind of computers with preinstalled Linux

    • Based on the Linux Terminal Server Project ( revamp-it also offers sets of computers for any office environment completely preconfigured with linux and free software and follow-up support.

  • Participation in helps computershops in Switzerland in selling and supporting computers with preinstalled operating system and programms that are published under a free licence.
    At the moment is launching a support network for linux and other open source software in Switzerland

  • Weekly Linux-Workshops at
    We offer a Linux-Workshop in Zuerich at Roeschibachstr.26, where people can come with either problems or new ideas they have while installing or working with Linux. Together we are trying to solve the problems or find out on how to get started with new projects.
    We focus on debian-based distributions.
    Price: 15 Swiss Francs, advance notification is necessary (more infos on our homepage)

  • In the context of Linuxola I help preparing LTSP-systems with recycled Hardware for educational and social institutions in Africa
  • I am very interested in open source hardware projects. Projects I would like to work on:

    • Developing a guide to build a 12V powersupply using as much as possible recycled parts of old 220V powersupplies (to make use of alternative energies as energy source for computers)

Ubuntu Wiki Pages

Linux Distributions

I am mainly working with the following linux distributions:

Open Source Projects

Here is a list of Open Source Projects I am using and might give some support. I'm also interested to get in personal contact with people here in Switzerland working with the same software.


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