About me

  • 23 years, Danish, living in Glostrup, Denmark
  • Bachelor in IT and Telecommunication with focus on networks (2008)
  • Studying for my Master in Telecommunication
  • Have been using Kubuntu since Dapper on my desktop, and since Edgy on my laptop.
  • Uses Ubuntu server / Kubuntu as distribution whenever possible =)
  • Kubuntu Member


  • Scouting! =)
  • Photography
  • Free software


  • email awen(at)

  • irc a|wen on in #kubuntu-devel #kubuntu #ubuntu-bugs #ubuntu-dk

  • Launchpad page

Ubuntu activity

Packages activity

  • Current packages I have updated/added can be found here:

  • Testing and regressions in kde 3.5.10 in hardy-backports; making them hardy-updates quality
  • Same deal for kde 4.1.4 for entering intrepid-updates.
  • Heavily involved in the aRts-removal for Jaunty
  • Keep kile, kdesvn, qtoctave, varnish, imapsync, offlineimap, mediawiki, squirrelmail and more in as good a shape as possible
  • Do security-updates on high-profile universe packages; currently this includes mediawiki and squirrelmail
  • Part of Kubuntu Ninjas and has been active in packaging/backporting multiple point-/alpha-/beta-/rc-releases of KDE over the past year


  • Help on IRC/Freenode, channels #ubuntu-dk, #kubuntu-devel.


  • Fixing more SRU-worthy bugs
  • General bug fixing in Kubuntu World
  • Some universe packages has a high "visibility" security-wise from outside, when being installed on the machine. And I've started making a personal commitment to be sure to do regular security-updates for some packages in this category. This includes subscribing to info from upstream as well as Debian to be able to pick fixes as quickly as possible. For now this is:
    • mediawiki - hardy onwards (as the packaging prior to hardy is some script downloading the upstream tarball).
    • squirrelmail - hardy onwards
  • Help packaging future KDE releases

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