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I live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. They call it the Sunshine State because the sun is always shining. My wife, I and the cat live in suburbia near Mt Gravatt.

I graduated from Griffith University in 1994 with a BA Infomatics (Info Tech). Working in the industry as a database applications analyst/Programmer.


  • Email: andrew at
  • Google Talk: gandella at

Penguin Tech Services



  • Progress - The RDBMS I learned in my career building database applications.
  • Drupal - I have built a few websites using the CMS Drupal.
  • PC Builder - Putting together PC's is a new skill I have just acquired.
  • Business owner - Owning one's own business gives you a sense of independence & freedom. (It's tough though)

  • Social Organiser - I was once president of a Social Club for Young Professionals, a group of like minded white collar workers going out for dinner and a few drinks amongst other things.


  • My first encounter with Ubuntu was with 5.04. Skipping a few releases I found that 8.10 was the one that converted me to a fan. Currently I run 9.10, and have a sneak preview of Lucid, it's looking good.

What Ubuntu means to me!

Ubuntu is the freedom to choose.

  • The current assertion that MS is the only OS for a computer beggars belief. It would be an outrage if you only had one choice of 'Car','Mobile telephone' or even 'beer'.

Ubuntu will have succeeded when the general public demands choice from their PC retailers & manufactures.

Summary of Ubuntu Contributions

  • Organise & Run Release parties in Brisbane

  • Regular contributor to the ubuntu-au mail list.

Andrew Gaydon

UBUNTU Contributions

Plans and Ideas for Ubuntu


  • If you know me please make it something nice

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