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About Me

I first used Ubuntu back in the Breezy days and have found this a really easy distribution to use and join in with the community! Before Ubuntu, I had tried out a few other distros but none of them really appealed to be as much as Ubuntu.

My Contribution to Ubuntu

I like to contribute as much as I can in my free time and here are ways I do it.


I've started to create a number of ubuntu screencasts. So far I have created 5 screencasts:


My first package has been approved and is on it's way into Ubuntu!

Bug Reporting

I've reported a number of bugs in an attempt to help improve ubuntu


I constantly try to promote ubuntu to people I know. I've been able to switch a good amount of people.

The future of my Contribution to Ubuntu

In the future? Well...

  • More Screencasts
  • Switch more people
  • Continue to submit bugs, when found


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