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 * Packaged ["" GENPO] for Ubuntu Studio (in progress)  * Packaged [ GENPO ] for Ubuntu Studio (in progress)

Andrew Hunter

Email: MailTo(andrew AT aehunter DOT net)

IRC/Forums: rexbron

Launchpad Profile:

About Me

  • From Toronto, Canada
  • Running Kubuntu since July 2006
    • Running Ubuntu Studio since 7.04
  • Believer in FOSS principles
  • Member of the Ubuntu Canada LoCo team.

    • Helped found Toronto Chapter of the Ubuntu Canada LoCo team.

  • Member of [ Ubuntu Studio Development Team].

  • Active Ubuntero

Wiki Contributions

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Did on the street marketing and promotion with Ubuntu Toronto on Software Freedom Day 2006.
  • Assisted friends and family in transitioning from Windows to FOSS.
  • Reported bugs and help translate programs into "Canadian" English
  • Packaged [ Murrine], a GTK2 engine, included in the Universe repository.

    • Packaged at request of upstream and Ubuntu Studio.
  • Packaged [ GENPO ] for Ubuntu Studio (in progress)

Plans and Ideas

My plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the future are for the continued production of a quality linux distribution. I also wish to become a MOTU and continue to help package with the Ubuntu Studio project. As a film student and Ubuntu user, I have a vested interest in helping to create a top quality Ubuntu-based distribution for multimedia production.


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