Ubuntu Marketing Video #1 "Burned"

  • INT. A CLASSROOM - DAY Large print notice of school policy regarding software piracy fills screen. "OFFENDERS WILL BE EXPELLED" Pan to one side to reveal an unlit computer science classroom except for the glow of a single CRT. Dark shadows lurk in the glow of the monitor.
    • VOICE 1:
    • Shhh, hey man, come on. Can't you burn that CD any faster?
      • VOICE 2:
      It's almost done. Just hang on.
      • VOICE 3:
      Yeah, but you got to make mine next and we're almost out of time. I need that copy of Office so that I can get my report done next week.
      • VOICE 1:
      I want the new operating system update. He he, I'll never have to pay Norton for their Anti-virus service again. This is great man where did you get all this software from?
      • VOICE 4:
      Shhh, keep your voice down. I downloaded over the Internet of course. With Peer to Peer technology there is a world of software, music and movies at your disposal. And it's all free. People are really dumb to be spending money on this sort of stuff. I haven't paid for software in years.
      • VOICE 1:
      Is it done yet?
      • VOICE 4:
      Yup, here ya'go.
    Hands voice 1 a CD. Lights suddenly come on and a teacher and the principal come in with stern expressions on their face.
    • What are you boys doing in here?
      • VOICE 1:
      Ah sorry sir, we were just leaving.
    Long pause, boys try to make for the door, but are blocked by TEACHER and PRINCIPLE.
    • VOICE 1:
    • (after another long pause) Oh sorry.... Err. here's your copy of Ubuntu back.
    VOICE 1 hands original CD to teacher and all 4 run out the door)
    • TEACHER:
    • (Yelling) Next time don't come in here during recess without telling a teacher first. (softer) Well, at least they're sharing some good software.
      • ANNOUNCER:
      Ubuntu, Software for humans.... All of them. Copy....  Share.... Enjoy....

Notes on approach

The following MUST be decided before production can begin.


  • Determine budget:
    • How much can be obtained for free?
    • Does anyone have any connections?
    • How much money would people be willing to spend/ donate to this project?
  • Determine format:
    • Most likely video as the cost of film is beyond the preliminary budget.
  • Review script
  • Location scout
    • High school. One possibility is Woburn C.I. (Markham and Elsemere). Andrew Hunter has connections there and could get us in for free, but after-hours.
  • Casting:
    • Most likely friends of the crew (shudder)...


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