About me

How did I get to ubuntu...? well actually I was trying out several different linux distros until I found ubuntu. One of the first things I recognized about ubuntu was, that the philosophy is a large part of the whole picture. And I love the philosophy, not only that the OS is for free, it's also the way ubuntu represent this philosophy. Sayings like: I am, because you are. Or for example the clip with Nelson Mandela, I love the mentality of giving people from an other village a warm welcome and good hospitality. For me this is the same as if someone would call me or ask me for help to setup his ubuntu station or fix an issue on his ubuntu machine. The whole philosophy is very well advertised and sticks together the whole ubuntu community.

This was also one of the reasons why I choose to stick to ubuntu. People using ubuntu are willing to spend time solving issues and helping you out. The ubuntuforums page is the perfect example, I think I hardly ever didn't get an answer. The free online support you get is amazing, well you can't really call it support, it's the fact that people using ubuntu seem to be open minded and have to have a very good heart. Smile :-)


I live in Zurich, Switzerland and that's also were I grew up :-D Right in the middle of the city. So who ever needs help or would like to have a ubuntu hack evening... let me know!!!


Contact details

Name: Andrew Liyanage




AOL: daliyanage

Skype: funeral12

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