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Andrew Constantine

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About Me

Hi my name is Andrew Constantine I live in Windham, Maine I have been using Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) for about three years, but around June 2010 I decided to become a full "Ubuntuer". I have a high interest in IRC and as such I've now memorized just about every channel/nick mode and command there is. In my non-computer time i like to ATV, Ski, Boat and Snowmobile.

My Involvement with the Ubuntu Community












































#ubuntu- maine




As you can see I am very into my IRC. Whenever I have my computer out of suspend I will open X-Chat. I have learned the many different ways one can ban, set modes, and manipulate ChanServ to do what you want her to do. I feel that IRC is defiantly my strong point and wish to help the Ubuntu community more with my skills.

Writing and Doc/Wiki Work

  • I am currently working with skfin on a IRC doc for beginners wanting to join into #ubuntu-youth

Ubuntu Tour

I currently am helping the Ubuntu Tour project with their screenshot needs. After I finish taking all the screenshots that are required I will most likely help with confirming bug reports that come into their Launchpad.


Ubuntu Forums

On the Ubuntu Forums I can usually be found in the Unanswered post section of the "Absolute Beginner Talk" page. I am known there as SpockVulcan

Ubuntu Youth Forums

I'm also on the Ubuntu Youth Forums which I currently help moderate. Our goal with these forums is to have a comprehensive help forum for helping youths with the basics of IRC, Forums, Launchpad, Ubuntu Wiki, and the other basics. I am know there as AndrewMC

Special thanks to phillw and his Web Hosting as he's the one hosting it for us. He's a great guy who's willing to help...thanks Phill!


I currently help out mostly with bugs on Launchpad, more specifically confirming bug reports. For a complete list of my activity, please see my karma page.

Current Team Memberships

  • Ubuntu-Youth
  • Ubuntu-Maineiacs

Current Project & Goals

  • Continue to learn about Ubuntu and Linux
  • Help out in any way I can in the support channels on IRC and forums
  • Find more teams that would be able to benefit from my help.
  • Keep my blog up to date.

Future Plans & Projects

  • Become proficient with a coding language.
  • Continue to provide answers and assistance via IRC, the Forums, Ask Ubuntu and Launchpad.

  • At the start of next school year I will be taking a Linux certification course, I am really excited about this as by the end I will really be able to help people much more then I am able to now.


Please Note: If you would like to describe any of my contributions to the Ubuntu Community, please feel free to do so. Thank You.

General Testimonials

Andrew displayed, over the weeks I have mentored him, an interest in gaining more knowledge (which I attempted to satiate with Python) and endeavor in projects, such as his participation on Ubuntu Youth. Having seen his contributions also in our support channel, I believe Andrew to be a worthwhile contribution to the team. I fully endorse his application. -- pedro3005

I fully endorse pedro's statement, Andrew is an outstanding display of a young man committed to the ubuntu ethos and a worthy member of any team he should wish to help on. I'm proud to consider him as a friend and enjoy interacting with him across several teams. He is patient, knowledgeable, has a great sense of humour and keen to learn more so that he can better help others - Which is the UBT ethos. -- phillw 5th Jan 2011

I am always having fun with Andrew. He has been around the Ubuntu beginners team much longer than I have and I really think he should be made a member without a doubt. His work on irc and website stuff is very good. I would not be surprised if he became a moderator here and there. -- UndiFineD 2011/05/04

I've know Andrew since I first ventured on to the Ubuntu IRC channels, a great deal of help was given to me from him. He is really good with IRC commands and has a mindset of a channel OP. As he has joined the Ubuntu Beginners Team for a membership,from then onwards I believe he could later on become one of the OP in the Ubuntu channels, which I've no doubt he could handle and would be of great help to the Ubuntu Community. I fully endorse Andrew for all his applications to join a team in the Ubuntu Community. -- JoeMaverickSett 2nd Feb 2011

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