Andrew Oakley is senior computer consultant for a large UK ISP and hosting provider, using FOSS, and formerly head of anti-spam development at MessageLabs. Andrew lives in the rural Cotswolds, UK on the Gloucestershire-Worcestershire border, with his wife and daughter. At home he runs a free public WiFi hotspot for the benefit of local residents and nearby campsite visitors. Andrew has also been a pirate radio DJ and political campaigner for free software, the arts and rural issues.

His website is and his email address is . He is a keen member of Gloucestershire Linux User Group and usually attends their monthly meetings. On IRC he is known as aoakley .

Andrew has a particular interest in the LTS Server versions of Ubuntu, and non-LTS laptop issues such as hibernation, bluetooth and wireless network roaming. He owns a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop which runs the current desktop version, a home server running the current LTS desktop version and software RAID1, several remote VPSes running the current LTS server version, and other home and work desktop machines running the current desktop version.

He codes in Bash, Perl and PHP, and writes documentation in HTML and OpenOffice. He is also keen to ensure that mobile phone camera video clips of his daughter can be seamlessly played back in Ubuntu.

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