Short Description

I am from the Kitchener\Waterloo area. I have been using Linux since mid 2004. I am a System Administrator for a local high tech company working mostly with Windows servers. I currently run Hoary on my laptop, my primary productivity machine, and Warty on a couple of servers I run in my house; including the server that runs my personal website. I have tried many distros but none has impressed like Ubuntu. The combination of debian, package selection, minimalist approach, Ubuntu philosophy and strong sense of community makes this distro a clear winner for me. I would like to help in anyway I can. I just need to figure out what that way is.


  • Linux
  • Digital pictures/video
  • Wikis/CMS Solutions
  • Programming


  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • System Administration ( 800+ Server )
  • Scripting


  • Linux
  • Mono and .Net
  • Python
  • Programming in General

Current Books

  • Linux Network Administrators Guide - O'Reilly ISBN: 0-596-00548-2
  • Mono - A Developers Notebook - O'Reilly ISBN: 0-596-00792-2
  • Running Linux - O'Reilly ISBN: 1-56592-469-X


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