I, Andy Whitcroft, apply for upload rights for package(s) linux family (see Rights below for a list).


Andy Whitcroft

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Who I am

I am Andy Whitcroft a member of the Ubuntu Kernel Team, employed by Canonical. I help to maintain the Ubuntu kernels and related packages for all actively supported Ubuntu releases. I also help drive development of our new releases. I am involved in handling bugs reported by the community as well as working on longer term projects.

My Ubuntu story

I first met Linux with a RedHat 5.0 installation we used to create a firewall for our lab. We then moved to Debian as it was so much easier to manage with network updates. I worked on the Linux Kernel for about 5 years using a Debian based desktop install, finally moving to Ubuntu Hardy as it offered me Debian goodness, but without having to run unstable + a handy kit of hand built packages. I no longer needed to maintain my own machine just to get work done. I then had the opportunity to shift my Linux Kernel focus to Ubuntu full-time joining the Ubuntu kernel team working for Canonical. I now run Ubuntu all my laptops and several servers in my office!

My involvement

I have been part of the Ubuntu kernel team maintaining the Stable Ubuntu kernels and helping develop features for the new release kernel. The best thing about working on Ubuntu is that it is possible, indeed encouraged to scratch that itch, to fix problems whereever you find them. That is something I would like to get more into.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

My primary focus is the Ubuntu Kernel. I am split between Stable maintenance, and development tasks. My Stable maintenance mostly involves triage and fixing bugs:

My development tasks for the Karmic cycle include managing the kernel transistions for Kernel Mode settings, and evaluating the option of pulling newer kernels back to older releases. Recently I have been responsible for maintaining the Karmic Kernel, rolling it forward to the point releases from the Linus' tree. Producing a number of the kernel uploads for the linux packages during the Karmic cycle.

I have also been involved in the delivery of the Mainline and Crack of the day kernel images for Ubuntu. These are used heavily in problem determination and to allow testing of newly merged features.

Areas of work

My primary focus is the Linux kernel, both working user bugs and developing new features for upcoming releases. It is here that the majority of my uploads have occured. I have worked closely with the Kernel Team, and had uploads sponsored by Tim Gardner and Stefan Bader.

I have also been involved in development for a number of kernel related packages including kexec-tools, modules-init-tools, pm-utils, and dkms. I have also been involved in a number of other packages including apport:

Things I could do better

I am currently very focused on the Kernel and my team. I feel there is much to be gained by reaching out into the greater community. Indeed work I have been doing for the Karmic cycle has demonstrated we have a lot to gain by engaging more with the community, particularly with upstream.

Plans for the future

I would love to move on from Kernel uploader to full coredev. This would allow me to expand my interests within the distro as a whole, and would allow me to help mentor others in Ubuntu.

What I like least in Ubuntu

From a kernel standpoint I find that kernel version management is an issue. To maintain fallback kernel versions for the user we are currently forced to change the kernel package name. However we only do that for ABI bumps which limits the backup kernels we can maintain. This arrangement is also a problem for the archive admins who have to be involved with any ABI bump release. I would like to find a solution that allowed a number of kernels to be maintained without these changes.


I am looking for upload rights to the kernel packages:

  • linux


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Tim Gardner

General feedback

If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, nobody would notice when Andy took over because he is so completely capable of doing this job.

Specific Experiences of working together

Andy has done excellent work with all aspects of the kernel project, from low level code fixes to packaging. He is our resident git expert, and has been an active participant in the formation of our OEM development policies and methodologies.

Areas of Improvement

I'd be happier if he could clone himself.

Stefan Bader

General feedback

I know Andy as a responsible person I would trust without question.

Specific Experiences of working together

Andy prepared several kernel packages for the development series, which I uploaded during Tim's absence. All of them were well prepared and uploaded without problems. Andy knows the tools and has the responsibility to do the job well.

Areas of Improvement

Not really. One rather must keep him from burning the candle from both sides.

Colin Watson

General feedback

Very personable, very talented, and just about the most English person I know. Smile :-) I've worked with him several times now on various kernel issues and he's been responsive and accurate. Normally I'm in the role of an archive admin reviewing some change or other he's made; it's rare that I find any problem at all, but when I do he's quick to address it.

Specific experiences of working together

Mostly I've been a consumer of things Andy has done, such as restoring AUFS support to the kernel, iscsitarget, and general kernel uploads I've processed as an archive admin. He's also reviewed and helped to test various patches of mine, such as the series in 384861. Invariably he does so with an air of unflappable competence and good cheer.

Areas of improvement

I don't know how much he's done outside of kernelspace; were he to be applying for core-dev I might want to see some userspace work as well, but for a kernel application there should be absolutely no problem. A great big thumbs-up from me.


General feedback

Andy is an absolute rock star of an Ubuntu contributor, upstream kernel community member, and pleasure to be around. Ubuntu's kernel is indubitably a better piece of software because of Andy's tireless attention to detail.

Specific experiences of working together

I've worked with Andy in Linux and Open Source for nearly 4 years now, and specifically in Ubuntu for about a year. As an Archive Admin, I have push some of his uploads through the queue. And he's fixed a number of bugs I've reported. I'm also a *huge* fan of his kernel daily builds work. These have helped me bisect numerous regressions and other bugs.

Areas of improvement

None that I can think of.


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