I, Angel Abad, apply for Universe Contributor.

Who I am

I'm Angel Abad, spanish (Basque Country) and 32. I'm free software entusiast since 15 when I met linux and gnu with one Slackware distribution. I'm sysadmin and I use Debian for my servers and Ubuntu for my desktop computers. I'm Debian Official Maintainer in Debian Developer applicant process.

Sorry for my English but I'm learning hard.

My Ubuntu story

I've been using Ubuntu for 3 years more or less in my desktop computers and I feel very confortable using it. I contributed to Debian and more or less one year ago I started to contribute in Ubuntu too. If I use it I try to contribute it...

My involvement

At the moment Im contributing with merges, syncs and some bug fixes and ftbs through sponsors, and when I have time I work reporting bugs to upstream authors and tracking this bugs, making connection between launchpad and upstream bug system.

When I have free time, I like to translate technical documentation into spanish, at the moment I'm translating the Ubuntu Packaging Guide: Packaging Guide Translations

Also my Debian packages are imported into Ubuntu, I co-work with Debian Perl Team and some packages with Python Team.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of


Bug Fixes



Debian Maintained Packages

Areas of work

I'm working hard with merges and syncs with http://merges.ubuntu.com. Also I'm interested in package quality, things like lintian errors and maintain Ubuntu synced with Debian as possible.

Plans for the future


First, I would like to become a sponsor and help other people to integrate their work in Ubuntu, and also with time become a core-dev developer.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I dont like very much that sometimes poorly tested software is included in Ubuntu distribution. Sometimes it is better to have stability that the latest version.



Luca Falavigna

General feedback

I sponsored several packages from Angel, he is a really nice guy to work with. He has strong technical skills which he offers to the community, both for Ubuntu and Debian, I think he deserves Ubuntu membership!

Stefano Rivera

General feedback

I've sponsored several syncs and a merge for Angel. I have found his work to be good although I don't have enough experience of working with him to give a stronger endorsement.

Specific Experiences of working together

602259, 595020, 602331, 600994, 598765, 598777, 605311

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

I reviewed a couple of changes by Angel and was generally quite happy with the work. Sometimes a few small changes were necessary, but nothing too bad.

Specific Experiences of working together

Areas of Improvement

In my eyes Angel just needs more experience, which will surely come over time.

Benjamin Drung

General feedback

I sponsored over a dozen syncs and one merge. All sync requests passed without any questions. His requests were the most verbose ones. I wish every sync requester were that precise. He deserves to become Universe Contributor.

Specific Experiences of working together


=== General feedback ===
## Please fill us in on your shared experience. (How many packages did you sponsor? How would you judge the quality? How would you describe the improvements? Do you trust the applicant?)

=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
''Please add good examples of your work together, but also cases that could have handled better.''
=== Areas of Improvement ===

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