Personal Information

  • Name: Angel Abad

  • Country: Spain

  • Timezone: Europe/Madrid

  • Age: 36

  • IRC nickname: angelabad

  • Email: angelabad[at]

  • Email: angel[at]

  • Email: angelabad[at]

  • Jabber: aabad[at]

  • Webpage:

  • Universe Contributor Application: UniverseContributorApplication - Approved

  • MOTU Application: MOTUApplication - Approved


Future plans

  • Help a lot with sync, merges and Debian integration
  • Maintain my packages
  • Triage bugs
  • Help newbies in Debian/Ubuntu
  • Package new software
  • Translate software into spanish and basque
  • Distribute Ubuntu CD's

Advocations for Ubuntu membership

I sponsored several packages from Angel, he is a really nice guy to work with. He has strong technical skills which he offers to the community, both for Ubuntu and Debian, I think he deserves Ubuntu membership! -- LucaFalavigna


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