Who I am

A FOSS enthusiast from India, I am obsessed with technology and currently pursuing an Engineering degree in Mechatronics. Also, I'm the current 'root' of the Vignan University Linux Users' Group (VU-LUG).

Find Me @

Ubuntu Forums Profile:
Freenode IRC Nick: unmole

What I do

  • Help spread the word about FOSS in general and Ubuntu in particular through direct contact with people as part of VU-LUG's Install-Fests. This usually involves swapping their virus-infested Windows installs with fresh Ubuntu installs and helping them get started with Ubuntu.
  • Try and support other users on the forums.
  • Contribute to the Ubuntu Manual Project.

  • I was a member of the Ubuntu Hindi Translators Team, and tried my hand at translating software in Launchpad.

What I'd like to do

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