About me

My name is Ante Karamatic. I'm a 23 years old student at Faculty of civil engineering in Zagreb, Croatia. I'm working with Linux since 1997., with Debian as my main distribution since 1998. While beeing a student, I work in a company that provides Linux based soulutions for SMB market. I'm also a sysadmin at faculty where I have builded Open Mosix cluster with 60 computers - - Arrakis.

And... I really love snowboarding :)

My work on Ubuntu

Mario (he has no wiki yet) and I created Croatian Ubuntu Team; for now, small group of people on, Plan is to translate programs and do some contribution to this great project, called Ubuntu.

Beside that, I packaged, for now, only one pakcage - wifi-radar. Most of my work in Ubuntu is now focused on C++ transition, for which goal I'm trying to give all my free time.

C++ transition: libcos4c2, libomniorb4c2, libomnithread3c2, libcv0.9-0c2, libcvaux0.9-0c2, libhighgui0.9-0c2, libopenscenegraphc2, libopenthreadsc2, libproducerc2, libresid-builder0c2, libsidplay2-1, libsidutils0c2, libstk0c2, libstrutilsxx0.7, libsword4c2, libtorch3c2, tqsllib1c2, libwftk-0.7c2, libxalan18c2, libxclass0c2, libxmpi4c2, libzipios++0...

I did a short review of Ubuntu in local, croatian lug HULK and I'm helping new Ubuntu users trough linux newsgroups in Croatia and on #ubuntu,


IRC: (#ubuntu, #ubuntu-motu,

ICQ: 64631782

AIM: ivoks

PGP: 1024D/D3BDA225



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