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Hello, world! I am Anthony Harrington. I'm a 23 year old multi-lingual chemistry student from England and an Ubuntu user since 9.10, Karmic Koala. I'm continually looking at new ways i can contribute to the open-source community, but until i've had a bit more practice with my programming, i've been happy to spend the last few years translating. I have skills in French, German and Latin but most often simply alter americanised spellings into british english variants and correct grammar errors, in package translations on launchpad.

  • Obviously, i spend a lot of time on studying and generally living lol but i do like to keep my 'launchpad karma' high: i think at the time of writing, i'm still the highest contributor to british english translations.

Ubuntu UPDATE SEPTEMBER 12TH 2012: Was accepted to be an official ubuntu member. THANK YOU, EVERYONE! Big Grin :)

Launchpad's British English Translation Team

Since September 2011, i have headed the British English Translation Team in launchpad ( and we're always looking for new members with a high proficiency in correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, before they find their way into ubuntu's british english locale. The team is extremely dedicated and it's not uncommon for us to work through 1000s of translations in a few weeks...or sooner!

Plans for the (immediate?) future

  • When i heard that users new to Ubuntu's new layout were having trouble figuring out what the available options actually did, i slipped a translation change into the update-manager package and changed it to appear as "Software Updater", so that when users clicked the cog in the corner, it would show that rather than the alternative at the time, which i thought was a bit open-to-interpretation for new users who weren't familiar with it. Glad to see the change stuck!
  • I'm always on the lookout for any other tweaks i can throw in to improve the user experience.
  • Latin itself is a language which is scarcely written and almost never spoken, but it remains the root of romance languages and is a great contributor to english itself. It binds together english, spanish, french and italian speakers etc and ultimately allows a large fraction of europe to speak with one tongue.
  • I do occasionally get the odd email from those who can write in latin, so i've preemptively created the page for launchpad's latin translation team. Once i've ironed out the particulars (members might not necessarily have a language in common other than latin e.g. someone who can speak spanish and latin but not english will have difficulty if messages are displayed in english.

There is also room for error, as latin is certainly not an easy language - that's what makes it so accurate - and allows you to say so much with so few words! To sum up, It would be nice to get Ubuntu translated into latin, and i can certainly see it happening in the next few years if interest steps up a bit. (Don't forget the amount of translations that would need to be completed! More than 200,000!) I'm confident we'll begin a proper team shortly:

* I've got to get a bit more community involved. Spend more time on the forums/IRC; organise something etc *-) There are never enough hours in the day for everything...!


  • Big fan of 'synaptic' and i consider it a shame that it was taken from the default Ubuntu .iso
  • I'm ambivalent about Unity, but it is improving reasonably well with every successive ubuntu release.

  • I'd like to see LTS versions get more newer packages if they're purely bugfix releases, and not necessarily just feature updates e.g. if a package is only different in that it fixes bug X, it should find its way to the LTS version (stable) and make that ubuntu more stable to use.

  • I also really like gdebi over the software centre, but i understand the reason for the change when there became the opportunity for developers to receive revenue from it. I dislike having remote features in lightdm and scopes/lenses in unity.
  • I'm expecting big things from elementary os luna, and i like looking for ways to trim the fat from Ubuntu. Gentoo seems to be the ultimate outlet for that, but ubuntu is the stepping stone into linux, so there is a userbase to help still!
  • Wayland seems to be an excellent new idea coming to linux. I'll miss X but efficiency is key: do more with less code!
  • The ingenuity of open source programmers will never cease to astound me!
  • I read phoronix, omgubuntu and webupd8 every day that i can! Big Grin :)

And, i'm not directly related to Bryce Harrington lol

Testimonials etc

  • As a member of the en_GB translations team, Anthony has provided excellent leadership to the team and has been an example of pure dedication to the Ubuntu Project. Translation plays an important role in making Ubuntu available to all. I support his request in becoming a member. VibhavPant - Sat, 01 Sep 2012 22:38:01 +0530

  • I would like to thank Anthony for his great and quick contribution to the German translation of emesene, just days before the release of emesene 2.12.9. Great job, thanks! Geoffrey De Belie (computergeoffrey) - Sat, 01 Sep 2012 20:10 (GMT+1 with summertime)
  • As a member of the en_GB translations team, I would like to thank Anthony for his great leadership and dedication. Also, as the coordinator of the elementaryOS en_GB translations team, I would like to thank him for his excellent contribution and the accuracy of his translations. Alfredo Hern├índez (aldomann). Mon, 03 Sep 2012 11:00:34 UTC.

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