I own an IT company located downtown.

Primarily a hosting company which builds solutions for customers. All solutions recently have been designed with Ubuntu. Previously it was Fedora and even PCLinuxOS.

Have customized Ubuntu for clients that have implemented it as POS, Accounting, as well as normal desktops. After 3 years designing and playing with linux, we have customized the distro into four primary offerings for clients and have refactored them under the name Lava Linux.

Basically we created a Home, Work, Developer, and Plus edition. I also designed a WEB, FAX Server, VOIP, and Virtual Hosting edition.

My company is Ansotech Inc. [WWW]

The Linux projects I make with Ubuntu is hosted here: [WWW]

I am currently documenting the customization of LAVA. I am hoping to provide videos as well as written information on how to customize Ubuntu isos for your environment.

Here is my active blog on the customization project:

Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Ubuntu Lava Linux is a work in progress and all my customers love it. I have Ubuntu to thank and I want to start to actively give back to the same Ubuntu Community.

Since the Lava Linux has just recently taken off and I find myself enjoying it more than the standard part of my business I have decided that it is more a passion then just work and would like to become more active in it's adoption and creation.

I enjoy Sci-fi, Action movies, Play World of Warcraft, Enjoy Programming, and you can find me running in most of the marathons around the city.


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