What's this about?

We want to increase the number of applications available to users in the Ubuntu Software Centre. This is a double objective: we want to make Ubuntu more attractive to users and raise awareness amongst app developers of how they can easily publish their apps.

In order to accomplish those goals, we're starting an effort to identify and engage targetted upstreams to submit their apps to the Software Centre.

How can I help?

We're tracking this work on the Upstream App developers board on Trello. In just a few minutes you can really make a difference: if you want to give a hand please join the team and start adding new apps.

One-time setup

  1. Create a Trello account

  2. Email with your trello username to request being added to the board

  3. Go to the Upstream App developers board

  4. Start adding new apps!

Adding new apps

Things to consider before adding an app

  • Roughly speaking, only lightweight apps qualify for the app developer process (e.g. an app such as LibreOffice would be too big to consider). The Ubuntu App Review board, the team of volunteers who ultimately add the applications to the Software Centre, have put a set of more detailed guidelines. Check them out.

  • Make sure that the app you are proposing is not in the regular Ubuntu repositories already. You can check this by searching for the app in the Software Centre.

Where to look for apps
Here are some suggestions of places where you can look for apps that are not yet in the Software Centre:

Adding a new app:

  1. Go to the Upstream App developers board

  2. Add a new card to the To Contact list

  3. Click on the card to add a description. This should at least contain a point of contact for the app (e.g. its home page) and optionally a description

Alternative method

If you don't want to create a Trello account, or don't want to join the Upstream App Developers board, you can simply send an email with the above information to:

What happens after adding an app?

After you've added a new app, we'll get in touch with the upstream developer and we'll engage with them to submit their app to the Software Centre. Once submitted, it will go through the app developer process, in which the Ubuntu App Review Board will review, vote and eventually publish the successful applications.


If you've got any questions or suggestions, get in touch with Michael Hall or David Planella

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