The Ubuntu Application Review Board is scheduled to meet on the last Friday of every month at 21:00 UTC. The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday 02nd December 2012, 8:00 UTC and and will be held in #ubuntu-meeting on

To submit an application for review, see the submission instructions. If you have a question to raise with the Application Review Board that isn't an application submission, you can reach the members directly by emailing They may decide that your issue should be discussed at the next meeting, in which case they will add it to this page.

  • Next meeting (2012-12-02) chair: coolbhavi
  • Action review
  • Review active tickets for Developer Portal

  • Review workitems from UDS
  • Doing a new recruiting run.
  • Follow up with the TB again for a formal signoff on the new proposed ARB process
  • Review health of the queue

  • Any other business
  • Decide time and select chair for next meeting.


Logs from previous meetings may be found at or via MootBot.


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