The restaffing process for the Application Review Board is based on the Community Council's guidelines. These are the practical steps for nominating and electing new ARB members. For the principles behind the steps see the Application Review Board Charter.

The authority of the ARB is delegated by the Ubuntu Technical Board, so positions on the ARB are appointed by the TB. The TB's decision process is supported by a poll of Ubuntu Developers (~ubuntu-dev).

Restaffing Process Overview

  1. Prepare announcement and requirements.
  2. Optional: Call for nominations.
  3. Optional: Poll process.
  4. Announce the outcome.

Call for Nominations

The process for generating the list of nominees for a seat on the ARB is as follows:

  1. The ARB will issue a call for nominations for additional members to

  2. The ARB will verify that nominated persons are interested and willing to serve.
  3. The ARB will forward nominations to the Technical Board, identifying those who are willing to serve, together with their commentary in support of or against particular nominees.
  4. The ARB will then publish the final list of candidates for the seat(s). If a poll is called for, the ARB will setup the poll, sometimes with the help of a member of the Technical Board.

Nominee Applications

The necessary qualifications for an ARB member are:

  • Ubuntu membership
  • Ubuntu Developer status

  • Clear evidence of activity within the developer community

In order to be considered, nominees must have the support of at least one active Ubuntu Developer.

Nominees should write a summary of their qualifications, ideas, and plans on a wiki page MemberName/ARB, together with testimonials.

== General ==
 * Name:
 * Contact details:
=== Key Achievements ===

== Vision ==
<vision for the role>

== Testimonials ==
 * ... (please don't forget to sign with your `@``SIG``@`)

== Comments ==
 * ... (please don't forget to sign with your `@``SIG``@`)


The announcement of the poll will go to The poll uses the "Confirmation Poll" method, where each candidate has a yes/no poll in Launchpad, open for voting by all Ubuntu Developers. If a majority of voters approve that candidate (more "yes" votes than "no" votes), they will be confirmed as a member of the ARB.


Once selected, the new members will be announced on The ARB will update the Launchpad team, and ARB wiki pages to include the new members. New members should subscribe to

(This process was approved by the Ubuntu Technical Board on Oct 6th, 2011. An update to the poll method was approved by the Ubuntu Community Council on Nov 22nd, 2011.)

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