This page provides some stock responses to common scenarios in ARB application reviews. It is inspired by Bugs/Responses, the Bug Squad's archive of stock responses.


Wrong license or proprietary license

This app was submitted with the license <license name>, but looking at your <files|website> it seems to be licensed as <other license name>. Please select the appropriate license for your app, and resubmit it.

Terminal-only app, with no graphical component

Thanks for your submission! Unfortunately, this process is only for GUI apps (in a graphical window), not for command-line apps (in the terminal). For more details, see our review guidelines:

As a next step, you might consider submitting your app to Debian or the standard Ubuntu archives. For more details on how to go about this, see the Debian New Maintainers' Guide ( or the Ubuntu Packaging Guide ( or feel free to ask us questions on the mailing list.

App is too big

We are sorry to inform you that this app is outside the scope of the App Review Board. Our focus is on lightweight apps. We are generally looking for the kind of apps which could be reviewed for functionality and security in about an hour reading through the code. might suit you better.


Submitted a source tarball

Thanks for your submission! We've created a simple walk-through guide in how to package an application to meet the requirements for this submission process.

Please follow these steps for your application. If the instructions are unclear at any point, it would help us (and other developers) if you ask us questions about what you need to do, so we can improve the guide. You can contact us by submitting a reply to the website, on the mailing list, or #ubuntu-app-devel IRC channel on Freenode.

Submitted binary package

Thanks for your submission! Please upload your app to a PPA, and send us a link. You'll find more details on how to do this at:

And, an overview of the whole process at:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Submitted binary tarball

Could you submit this as a source tarball rather than a binary tarball? That is, bundle up the files before you run the build/install process, so we get the full source. If you have questions about how to do this, we can walk you through it. Contact us here, or on the mailing list or #ubuntu-app-devel IRC channel on Freenode.

Submitted without build instructions or dependency information

Could you submit instructions for building, installing, and running the app? It looks like this will depend on the <package name> package, which is available in Ubuntu. The version of <package name> shipped in Oneiric is <package version>.


Application touches system files

Your application appears to touch system files as part of its operation, however we do not allow apps to do this as part of a security policy for For these applications, we recommend that you follow the steps on for submitting your package to Debian or Ubuntu.

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