Application Review Request

Submit your application review request to the developer portal.

  1. Click "Submit a new application"
  2. Log in using your Launchpad email/password.
  3. On the "Submit your application" page, set the application name, tagline, version number, and package name. For the price, select "Free". For "Your application", upload a simple text file named ppa-info.txt that includes the URL of the PPA, and of your source code (bzr/git/svn/other). Don't upload any package files or source files. Click "Next: Finding Your App".

  4. On the "Finding your app" page, pick a category for your app, enter a description, and some keywords that might help users searching for your app. If your app requires any special hardware, check the relevant "Hardware requirements" options. Click "Next: Visuals".
  5. On the "Showing your app" page, upload your app icons and a screenshot. We use these in the Software Center, and need at least a 64x64 png icon and a screenshot with your submission (even if you already have those files included in your package). The video is completely optional. Click "Next: Licensing & support".

  6. On the "Licensing & support" page, enter a website or email address where users can go for help. Select the open source license for you app. Click "Next: Preview & submit".

  7. On the "Preview & submit" page, review the details and make sure they're correct. Click "Submit for review".

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