• Meeting 2011-09-27
    • Chair: Allison Randal
    • Present: Andrew Mitchell, St├ęphane Graber
    • Apologies: Sean Fagan
  • Action review
    • Unconfirmed whether Soyuz bug has been fixed, to prevent old apps from being copied in when the P archive is opened. (May be untestable, since there don't appear to be any Extras apps in Oneiric.)
  • Backlog of packages to review.
    • [ACTION] Notify developers about resubmitting for Oneiric.
    • Target 1-week review of new submissions.
  • Switching submission instructions over to, now that it's launched.
    • [ACTION] update AppReviewBoard/Review with intermediate review process until features are added to web submission form.
  • Need to recruit new members for the ARB, ideally before UDS.
    • [ACTION] seek recommendations, possibly with a public call.
  • Next chair: Allison Randal

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