August 2013

OLS Server

adding translations

OLS Client + Unity API

land click app scope in default branches

merge proposal

OLS Client

switch to production

OLS Server + Community + Security

get review process underway

summary, soon: script for reviews; app_id, package name

OLS Server + Community

open app store, alpha



get click packages on the image

packages (arch-indep fine, arch-dep next, sergiusens+fginther working on it, current problem: tests are debian packaging dependant)

September 2013

OLS Client + Click

uninstalling apps

(moved from Aug)

OLS Client

App updates in separate app

(moved from Aug, received design wk 35)

Click packages

Fat packages

discussion, blueprint (moved from Aug)

OLS Client + Web Apps

authenticated download

October 2013

OLS Server

Server-side restriction enforcements (country restriction, etc)

November 2013

December 2013

OLS Server


January 2014

February 2014

March 2014

Click packages

rewrite of some parts of click in C

OLS Server

inspecting and scanning click packages

moved from Sep, almost there, soon immediate accepts/rejects

OLS Server

14.04 framework

May 2014

OLS Client

Ratings & reviews

June/July 2014



OLS Client


OLS Server

automatic rejection of simple cases


OLS Server

device capabilities

moved from Aug

OLS Server + OLS Client + Design

Reporting abusive apps

Click packages

Embedded package signatures vs. transport level security

discussion, summary, blueprint (moved from Aug)

Click packages

aptdaemon integration

OLS Server

publicly viewable website to show apps

OLS Server

'remotely install packages' (like google play)

Additional / future goals

  • OLS Client: Integrating pk-click, download service, app scope
  • SDK + OLS Server: easy app upload from SDK
  • SDK: manifest editor in SDK
  • OLS Client + Design + Security: manage apps / manage updates
  • OLS Server: reporting / integrations with financial services
  • ?: downloadable content
  • ...

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