I, Ara Pulido, apply for upload rights for packages ldtp, mago and ubuntu-qa-tools.


Ara Pulido

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Who I am

I'm Ara Pulido and work for Canonical as a QA Engineer on the Ubuntu Platform team. My main focus is Desktop Testing Automation, meaning, I write test scripts that attack directly the UI. I have been using Linux since 1994 (at University). I was a founder of the Granada LUG, Gcubo (

My Ubuntu story

I started using Ubuntu in 2006??, I can't remember exactly. I was with RedHat/Fedora before that, but I never really liked RPM packaging system. I just loved Ubuntu simplicity with DEB/APT packaging system.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • I maintain LDTP package in Ubuntu, fixing bugs in the packaging and coordinating efforts with upstream. Some of my patches have been accepted in the Debian package and for that, the maintainer of the Debian package added me as co-maintainer.
  • I packaged ubuntu-qa-tools, went through the REVU process, and got uploaded in Jaunty. I maintain the package and the new version was uploaded to Karmic and Lucid.
  • I packaged mago, the desktop testing framework we are using in Ubuntu QA, went through the REVU process, and got uploaded in Karmic.
  • I packaged LDTP2, a rewrite of ldtp in Python. It was accepted in Lucid and Debian pulled the same package to their unstable repository.

Areas of work

  • ubuntu-qa-tools was not packaged before I decided to included in Ubuntu. Now, tools as dl-ubuntu-test-iso are ready to be used when calling for testing activities.
  • LDTP is better maintained now in Ubuntu. Communication with upstream occurs weekly and bugs are forwarded upstream when appropriated.
  • I am the mago upstream maintainer. It depends on LDTP and, therefore, both need to be kept synced.

Things I could do better

  • Keeping mago always up to date with the LDTP version in Ubuntu. Any change in LDTP API can affect mago. Sometimes, when I change in LDTP happens, I tend to fix the trunk in mago to match the new LDTP, but it takes me longer to fix the mago version in Ubuntu. Both LDTP and Mago packages in Ubuntu should be kept synced.

Plans for the future


I would love to become a MOTU during Maverick or Maverick+1 cycle. I know that I have been focusing on these packages, but I'd like to increase my participation to a wider set of packages and keep improving my packaging skills.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I think that testing can be much improved in Ubuntu. Although dog-fooding is always a good testing method, I think that integrating better current infrastructure (checkbox + test tracker + launchpad) could help us finding easily testers for new features. Right now, formal testing is not that common or obvious in our current processes.

Also, I think that it would be important to spend more time and to improve our processes around community building around testing. The Bugsquad has been doing a great work building and maintaining a bug triaging community, and I would like to see something similar for testing.


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General feedback

I have sponsored ubuntu-qa-tools and, I believe, ldtp for Ara, and am confident in her understanding of these packages. I would love to see her have upload rights for these packages, and then to move on to MOTU or similar.

Specific Experiences of working together

I can't find the evidence right now, sorry.

Areas of Improvement

I don't know of anywhere that Ara could improve on these packages.


I've reviewed some of the packages ara worked on before they got uploaded to Ubuntu and she did a good job there showing she understand what she needs to maintain those. I've also worked with ara on different occasion or discussed bugs with her and I trust her to do a good job and ask questions when she has doubts about what she is doing. I would recommend giving her right the upload the packages listed there.

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

Great work on all the packages mentioned above. I generally have little to correct and even non-trivial packaging tasks are no big deal for Ara.

Specific Experiences of working together


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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