Archive cleanup status

Over time, the Ubuntu archive accumulates multiple versions of libraries and applications, and some packages become obsolete. From time to time they need to be cleaned up to minimize security update overhead, not waste CD space, etc.

Detecting multiple versions

  wget -O - | zgrep "^Package: " | awk '{print $2}' | sed -e "s/c2//; s/c102//; s/[-0-9.]//g" | sort | uniq -d | less

Deprecated libraries in main which we need to get rid of

  • gtk+1.2:
    • build deps: kdebindings libdv libiodbc2
  • glib-1.2:
    • build deps: libdv nessus-core
  • db4.x: (some of those might use on-disk transactions and thus cannot be converted easily)
    • 4.2 build deps: cyrus-sasl2, openldap2, openldap2.3
    • 4.3 build deps: exim4 iproute libnss-db pam postfix

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