A little bit of history

The Argentinean Team was started on June of 2006 and became an official team on May 15th of 2007. It has been pretty active since then. As the decision structure in the group we have a meta mailing list (launchpad) where everyone who wants to collaborate with the organization of the group can join and subjects are discussed among the subscribers. We have designated moderators in all our communication channels and rules in place to make sure every member follows the CoC while participating.

Our focus

Since day one, our focus has been providing strong online support for new users. For that, we took advantage of the communication infrastructure the Ubuntu Community provided at the time: mailing list and the forums basically. We eventually added an official site and a new meta list. We have a strong presence in events in the country and we are always willing to participate as a LoCo in every free software event we are invited to. In every channel we offer support we have moderators who help members to know the CoC and stay within the rules to make all participants feel comfortable while seeking help or collaborating with us.

Our Team in numbers

Ubuntu Members

We have 7 ubuntu members in the team:

Juan Manuel Zele (Z37a) since 2011-09-15

Juan Carlos Ojeda (juancarlospaco) since 2011

Marco Antonio Hoyos (mhoyos) since 2009-11-18

Guillermo Lisi (unimix) since 2009-11-18

Miguel Sajnovsky (sajnox) since 2008-11-18

Mariano Mara (marplatense) since 2007-09-06

Martín Albisetti (beuno) since 2007-03-20

Official Site

Our site where're we post all news and announce our support channels for every person who is seeking for help.

Mailing list We started the official Argentinean mailing list in December, 2006 (after a few months using googlegroups). With the forums is our main venue to provide support. It has more than 970 members and it's pretty active as you can see in the following chart:


The high and lows have an explanation: people goes on holidays on january and february and there is not really a lot of action in those months. We have a lot of new users subscribed around the month after a new release. Besides that you will notice a descent of mails starting on 2009: it has to do with a change in the moderators, the original moderators were not too heavy on the OT subject whereas the people who started doing it in the final months of 2008 imposed a stronger policy of enforcing the mailing list netiquette. Although this reduced the quantity of mails, it helped reducing the noise in it too.

Netiquette (in spanish):

irc: #ubuntu-ar

We use the irc channel as part of our organizational channels. There isn't a lot of people hanging there on daily basis and we rather want folks seeking for help to try the standard #ubuntu-es channel. Of course if somebody shows up and asks a question we gladly help but we never really found someone available to take the job of moderate the channel and make sure it stays on topic. Because of this and because there a is plethora of fine spanish-speaking channels in freenode, we never really make it the strong way of communication other LoCos successfully did.


Official Loco Forum: Up and running since November of 2006. One of the main venues of communication it has more than 7640 threads up to this moment. It's divided in four sections: general, hardware, software and community.

Forums sticky thread about rules in the forums: (Forums rules and CoC) (Leadership rules) (Forums FAQ)


Loco Team LP group created on September of 2006 and it has currently 122 active members. The main use we give to the LP group is as the meta group where all organization related things (about the group, events, etc) are decided. We use the LP mailing list ( for this purpose. All members in the mailing list have voice and vote and things are decided by simple majority after discussion (we are argentinean and it means we like to argue a lot). Every user of the other communication channels (support ones) are encouraged to subscribe to the meta mailing list and participate in the organization of the group.


As told, we have a permanent present in every open source/free software event in our country. It's almost impossible not to find an Ubuntu booth in all the events we have the chance to participate. This is a list of the most common event we participate annually (below there are some photos):




Fabrica de Fallas



Release Parties

Global Jams




and there has been some occasional events we also participate in:



Fundacion Equidad

Foro de Seguridad Informatica Carlos Casares

Jornada de conferencias organizada por GCOOP (Hotel Bauen 2011)

Flisol Events

* 2010

  • * Buenos Aires City - Universidad Tecnologica Nacional

FLISoL_2010_utn_24042010091.png FLISoL_2010_utn_24042010093.png FLISoL_2010_utn_24042010094.png FLISoL_2010_utn_MG_2409.jpg FLISoL_2010_utn_MG_2379.jpg

  • * Gonzalez Catan City - Blaise Pascal Institute

FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Blaise_Pascal_Institute_building.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Conference_room.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Conference_room_II.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Conference_room_for_technicians.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Finishing_the_festival.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Finishing_the_festival_II.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Finishing_the_festival_III.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Front_desk.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Introducing_lecturers.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Introducing_lecturers_(cont).jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Merchandising_to_give_away.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Running_Ubuntu_respository_server_in_an_Exomate_netbook.jpg FLISoL_2010_(G_Catan)-Waiting_to_get_into_installation_room.jpg

* 2009

  • * FM La Tribu - Buenos Aires City

FLISoL_2009-Installation_room.jpg FLISoL_2009-miguel_faktor_alvaro_mod.jpg FLISoL_2009-Installation_room_II.jpg

  • * Universidad Nacional de Quilmes - Berazategui City

FLISoL_2009_UNQ_stand_berazategui.JPG FLISoL_2009_UNQ_stand_berazategui_2.JPG FLISoL_2009_UNQ_ubuntu-ar_members_UNQ.jpg FLISoL_2009_UNQ_charla_ubuntu-ar_berazategui.jpg

* 2008 Universidad de Palermo - Buenos Aires City

flisol2008_5.jpg flisol2008_3.jpg flisol2008_1.jpg FLISoL_2008_2448194042_e1787d94b2_m.jpg FLISoL_2008_2448194886_86d220d2af_m.jpg FLISoL_2008_beunoyradhios.jpg FLISoL_2008_miguelymartinenstand.jpg FLISoL_2008_members.jpg

* 2007 Colegio Francesco Faa Di Bruno - Buenos Aires City

flisol2007_1.jpg flisol2007_2.jpg

Release Party

* Lucid Lynx at Dr. Mason Pub - Buenos Aires City

ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_banner.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members_II.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members_III.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members_IV.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members_V.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members_VI.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members_VII.jpg ll_rp_Ubuntu-ar_members_VIII.jpg ll_rp_problems_solved.jpg ll_rp_solving_problems.jpg

* Karmic Koala at Dr. Mason Pub - Buenos Aires City

We're sorry, no photos this time

* Jaunty Jackalope at Tazz Palermo - Buenos Aires City

JJ_RP_BSAS-other_pan_view.jpg JJ_RP_BSAS-other_pan_view_II.jpg JJ_RP_BSAS-other_pan_view_III.jpg JJ_RP_BSAS-pan_view.jpg JJ_RP_BSAS-after_the_raffle.jpg JJ_RP_BSAS-group_of_members_II.jpg JJ_RP_BSAS-group_of_members.jpg JJ_RP_BSAS-CDs_and_badges.jpg

* Intrepid Ibex at Dr. Mason Pub - Buenos Aires City

II_RP_BSAS-decoration.jpg II_RP_BSAS-delicious_food_promo_stuff.jpg II_RP_BSAS-attending_the_presentation.jpg II_RP_BSAS-clapping_the_presentation.jpg II_RP_BSAS-group_of_members.jpg II_RP_BSAS-organization_group.jpg II_RP_BSAS-pan_view.jpg II_RP_BSAS-some_ubuntu-ar_members.jpg II_RP_BSAS-warming_up.jpg II_RP_BSAS-pan_members_view.jpg

* Intrepid Ibex - Cordoba City

II_RP_Cordoba-Mariano_Mara_at_the_table.jpg II_RP_Cordoba-Ubuntu-ar_members.jpg II_RP_Cordoba-general_view.jpg

* Intrepid Ibex - Tucuman City

II_RP_Tucuman-Ubuntu-ar_members.jpg II_RP_Tucuman-table_view.jpg II_RP_Tucuman-Ubuntu_baloons.jpg

* Hardy Heron at Dr. Mason Pub - Buenos Aires City

HH_RP_BSAS_2449223659_0b7c39d84b_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2449226459_474b3dba47_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450048780_b260878764_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450049060_c35393f7d5_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450049160_eaacd65357_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450049612_0314a98a03_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450050242_5188fea718_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450050892_d0775da113_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450051188_b95da41352_m.jpg HH_RP_BSAS_2450051390_5b5bb35b70_m.jpg

* Gutsy Gibbon at Buller Pub - Buenos Aires City

GG_RP_BSAS_DSC00636_mini.jpg GG_RP_BSAS_DSC00637_mini.jpg GG_RP_BSAS_DSC00645_mini.jpg GG_RP_BSAS_DSC00671_mini.jpg GG_RP_BSAS_DSC00684_mini.jpg

Global Jam

* March 27th 2010 at Dr. Mason - Buenos Aires City

Global_Jam-A_break_in_the_jam.jpg Global_Jam-Preparing_the_jam.jpg Global_Jam-Running_the_jam.jpg Global_Jam-Running_the_jam_I.jpg Global_Jam-Running_the_jam_II.jpg

Ubuntu Day

* September 26th 2009 - Conference day at Globant - Buenos Aires City

ubuntuday_panoramic.jpg ubuntuday_auditorium.jpg ubuntuday_auditorium_II.jpg ubuntuday_auditorium_III.jpg ubuntuday_auditorium_IV.jpg ubuntuday_auditorium_rearview_I.jpg ubuntuday_why_I_choose_Ubuntu.jpg ubuntuday_lecturer.jpg ubuntuday_grupal.pic.jpg ubuntuday_relaxed_auditorium.jpg ubuntuday_tia_mec.jpg ubuntuday_one_slide.jpg

Other events


* Pirate Fest - March 2011

No qualitiy photos for this one, sorry.

* Enet36 - August 2011

2011-08-29_22-02-06_25.jpg 2011-08-30_20-35-01_460.jpg

* Ubucon Argentina 2010

Inscription web site:

_MG_5860_1280.resized.jpg _MG_5864_1280.resized.jpg _MG_5906_1280.resized.jpg _MG_5854_1280.resized.jpg _MG_6001_1280.resized.jpg

* CISL 2010

a6de08a08a124dce8eba2b208726d624.jpg 6fafe65935d641308fcc7a5ee5151a06.jpg

* Security Forum 2010 conferences - Carlos Casares - Buenos Aires province

Security_Conferences_C. Casares-How_to_hardening_Ubuntu.jpg

* March 25th 2010 - AFCEA 2010 Free Software conferences - "Escuela Superior de Tecnologia del Ejercito Argentino - E.S.T." - Buenos Aires City

AFCEA-Auditorium.jpg AFCEA-Lecturers_and_coordinators.jpg

* November 14th 2009 - Conurbania conferences - Universidad Nacional de Quilmes - Buenos Aires province

Conurbania-Finishing_details_at_Ubuntu-ar_stall.jpg Conurbania-Relax_time_at_Ubuntu-ar_stall.jpg Conurbania-Stands_hall_view.jpg Conurbania_choriceada.jpg Conurbania_charla_gnome_vs_kde.jpg Conurbania_grupal_ubuntu-ar.jpg Conurbania_audiencia_gnome_vs_kde.jpg Conurbania_grupal_cierre.jpg Conurbania_cds_ubuntu.jpg

* 2009 - GLUCCEN (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas de Buenos Aires) Conferences - Buenos Aires city

gluccen2009_auditorio.jpg gluccen2009_charla_marco.jpg gluccen2009_charla_marco_2.jpg gluccen2009_merchandising_ubuntu.jpg

* 2009 - PyCon Conferences Days - Universidad de Belgrano - Buenos Aires city

PyCon2009_audiencia.jpg PyCon2009_stand.jpg

* November 28 and 29th 2008 - WhyFLOSS Conferences - Universidad Tecnologica Nacional La Plata - Buenos Aires province

whyfloss_auditorium.jpg whyfloss_ubuntu-ar_stall.jpg whyfloss_ubuntu-ar_stall_I.jpg

* July 2008 - 8vas. Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre - Universidad de Belgrano - Buenos Aires City

jrsl2008_asistentes_charla.jpg jrsl2008_asistentes_charla1.jpg jrsl2008_atendiendo_stand.jpg jrsl2008_charla_lipe.jpg jrsl2008_cierre.jpg jrsl2008_ubuntu-ar.jpg jrsl2008_john_maddog.jpg

Support Labs

* November 21st and 22nd 2009 - Fabrica de Fallas (Bugs Factory) 2009 - FM La Tribu - Buenos Aires City

Fabrica_de_Fallas_2009_z37a_a_la_rick_wakeman.png Fabrica_de_Fallas_2009-Amazed_Marco_with_Ubuntu_running_in_an_Everun_palmtop.jpg Fabrica_de_Fallas_2009-Break_time.jpg Fabrica_de_Fallas_2009-Ubuntu-ar_stall.jpg

* November 15 and 16th 2008 - Fabrica de Fallas (Bugs Factory) 2008 - FM La Tribu - Buenos Aires City

Fabrica_de_Fallas_2008-Grupal_pic_at_the_end_of_the_day.jpg Fabrica_de_Fallas_2008_1.jpg Fabrica_de_Fallas_2008_2.jpg

* October, November & December 2008 - Equidad Foundation - Medium term training course for technician personnel of Equidad Foundation - Buenos Aires City

Equidad-Explaining_how_to_install_Ubuntu.jpg Equidad-Explaining_partitioning.jpg Equidad-Technicians_attending_explanations.jpg Equidad-A_relaxed_chat.jpg

Other casual meetings and events

* Barbecue

asado_18012009382.jpg asado_18012009383.jpg asado_18012009384.jpg

* Friendly meeting at Buller Pub

reunion_buller_DSCN0904.JPG reunion_buller_DSCN0905.JPG reunion_buller_DSCN0906.JPG reunion_buller_DSCN0907.JPG

Future events

* We plan to keep a strong support presence with the mailing list, the forums and any new channel of communication.

* Ubuntu members in the group are not getting any younger so they're constantly evaluating the potential of members in the group to guide and to start delegating tasks in them, trying to help them become valuable members and, when the time is right, ubuntu members.

* We used to have a strong presence in the Flisol Events (we participate in everyone since 2007) but their organization has decided not be installing Ubuntu any longer to any new user (a problem other Latinoamerican LoCos are suffering too). In spite of our best efforts to change this decision, since the 2010 event we cannot participate as official loco. LoCos members are encouraged to participate as individuals but we also took another measure: find cities with no LUG or with LUGs willing to accept out LoCo as a community participant (e.g. Gonzalez Catán 2010) and held the event in those places.

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