My name is Armin Ronacher and I'm a ubuntu users since two month after the warty release. Because the German webforum ubuntuusers went into some technical troubles on the server I helped SaschaMorr to resolve some problems. Afterwards I became an administrator and started improving the forum software.

I participated in the establishment of the ubuntu Deutschland association.


  • IRC: on freenode known as mitsuhiko
  • on ubuntuusers known as blackbird

  • Jabber:

  • ICQ: #312415801
  • Mail: <armin DOT ronacher AT active DASH 4 DOT com>

  • WWW:

  • Lauchpad: mitsuhiko

  • GPG: 8e84 07e0 454a e600 96aa a7cb 1695 2a39 b5e4 a6b4 (details)

Current Projects


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