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  • 34, french, married and have 2 young sons,
  • working as the Linux / Unix Expert at Eaton / MGE Office Protection Systems (previously MGE UPS SYSTEMS) (R&D Dpt), ie the one that has converted this UPS manufacturer to the Free Software world,

  • Network UPS Tools Project Leader since 2005,

  • former Ubuntu Media Center Team Leader,

  • Debian Developer,

  • Free Software developer and contributor, in many (unrelated) areas:

    • NUT: author of snmp-ups, mge-shut, newmge-shut, newhidups / usbhid-ups, mge-xml, Integrated Power Management (HAL integration) ; co author of mge-utalk, hidups, SNMP UPS Agent, the new naming scheme ; contributor to blazer, bestferrups, nut core, and many others ; coordination with manufacturers, linux-usb developers, Net SNMP and packagers (Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, SuSE, ...)...
    • author of WMNut, the first graphical NUT client,

    • author of MGE - Personal Solution Pac 3 for Linux, which make the use of NUT with MGE units an easy task (hourly work),

    • LIRC team member: I'm still pushing several efforts to make LIRC use an easy task (key naming standardization, HAL and udev support, several GUIs and helper). Most of these tasks are part of the UMC project,

    • co author of the libhid project,

    • co author of the Nagios plugin for NUT (check-ups)

    • contributed to KNutClient, french translation, and various help,

    • Linux kernel:
      • help to the hiddev developments,
      • contributed information for the saa7134 cards,
    • help the (now defunct) gAcc accounting program,

    • contributed to the iPaq h19xx effort, some documentation, and beta testing,

    • Synce KDE french translation,

    • X11 Sunleo manpage creation,
    • Lincity NG french translation,

    • Xawdecode / XdTv showtime function (OSD display the time),

    • some pieces of my code seems to have been re used in other programs (like sdig)
    • Board member of the Guilde (one of the biggest and oldest french LUG) for 2 years (1998 - 2000),

    • Free Software Evangelist
    • many more forgotten things...


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