About Me

I am living in China and I am a complete Linux fan. I love the free software spirit and want to share it with more and more people all over the world. I choose Ubuntu as my desktop OS because it is easy-to-use and I can get involved with its community much easier than others.


Email: <happyaron.xu AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>
IRC: happyaron ( - #ubuntu-cn
happyaron ( - #debian-devel
Location: Beijing, China (UTC +0800)

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

I have been an Ubuntu user and contributor since Feisty. My main contributions have been in the localization field within the Ubuntu Simplified Chinese Translators team and software packaging in Debian/Ubuntu. During the past year, I become a Debian Developer. I am the coordinator of GNOME Chinese (China) team and translator of TP and KDE, leader team member of Ubuntu/Launchpad Simplified Chinese translation. In addition, I am part of Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team.

Now serving as

Currently focus on

  • Packaging and prompting new Fcitx input method framework.
  • Maintenance of Chinese translations of GNOME Apps.
  • Organizing community contributors to work on Chinese Debian package descriptions.
  • Discovering the best FOSS user experience for Chinese by working closely on UbuntuKylin project.

  • Doing research on the best practice of computer aid translation of FOSS user interface.
  • Long-standing bugs that Chinese users often encounter.

Packages I have worked on

See my QA Overview.

Future Plan

  • Continue my current works in FOSS world.
  • Bring more Chinese developers and other contributors into FOSS world.


  • Aron has been a tireless contributor to localization for quite some time. His involvement in Simplified Chinese translation in several upstream projects in addition to Ubuntu shows not only his deep understanding of the complete OSS localization ecosystem but also manifests his excellent coordination skills. I've had the pleasure to work with him in the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team, where his dedication and technical competence have been very valuable assets in improving the Ubuntu experience for all international users. I think he's a more than worthy candidate for Ubuntu Membership and I'm pleased to support his application. -- dpm 2009-10-22 08:38:48

  • He deserve the membership, in the last year, he really did great job. been involved ubuntu china community deeply, help us promoting/arranging event/reorg the translation team, contribute to upstream's l10n too, and also he is trying on maintaining packages. and he understand the spirit pretty well, if he encounter with any kinds of issues, he will use irc/mailing list to find his answer. So I'm totally support his Ubuntu membership -- -- zhengpeng-hou

  • I cooperate with AronXu in some projects, including TP (, Debian packaging and Ubuntu packaging. He is very active and responsible. And has a high quality in his jobs. I support this Ubuntu membership -- lidaobing


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