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I'm a Software Professional and am interested in moving Linux forward in which-ever way I can. Currently I am fascinated with Ubuntu (hence the page Smile :-) ). I currently use Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 on my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop.

Earlier I had Windows XP Home, made it dual boot initially with Edgy 6.10. Almost the same time Feisty was getting released, so moved to Feisty. The other reason to move was the better support of Wireless with WPA Encryption.

I am still trying to tweak and getting used to the Linux environment. The main aim for this page is to keep track of the changes that I do with my settings and getting various packages installed to make home with my laptop.

Update - Feb 2008

  • I had lost and messed up my root password, so had to re-install Ubuntu. While trying to install, I found that Ubuntu 7.10 is released and I already had upgraded my Ubuntu, before I lost my password. Also, last time my installation was done on a single partition. This time I have done it using an approach I found on the Ubuntu site. Below are the links to the approach I took for customizing my Laptop.

Update - Aug 2008

  • After messing-up my root password, I reinstalled using Wubi - UBUNTU Installer. I was able to install Ubuntu without any issues. It was working very well, excepting the Keyring Manager. The only issue I had with that, every time it used to ask me the password of my wireless network.

    Recently, my windows crashed, because of some virus. The best part was I was able to use Ubuntu and it saved helped in searching for options to re-install Windows.



  • Here are the pages containing My System Configuration including My Hardware Details.




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