What is Ubuntu Quick Response Strategy?

In sponsoring and reviewing policy, developers checks bugs subscribed to specific teams. With time the number of subscribed bugs is growing and thus messes bug list due to lack reaction from sponsors. Quick Response is idea in reaction to request as soon as possible since information moment. This idea will bring Ubuntu Development better quality work.

How we can introduce QR strategy?

Clean-up sponsors queue

Bugs subscribed is like is a determinant of work sponsors, so if more bugs is subscribed, then sponsors needs more time for reviewing bugs.

Invite more contributors

Occurrence which can be seen is rotation of contributors. People helps Ubuntu Development in their free time, but by-and-by they don't have time for contribute to Ubuntu. We have to take care of new hands to work! People do not know about processes of Ubuntu development and packaging, so we should promote contributing to Ubuntu on LoCos, for example on forums. Then we can help them in start packaging on IRC channels.

In addition, contributors are not work anymore or very lazy since got MOTU degree. Probably this is due to lack of motivation. We should find panacea for this occurrence.

Transfer experienced MOTUs to Core-Dev team

We can see a few sponsors with expierence in packages management. They should be promoted to core-dev for main sponsoring. Main section should have no worse support than universe. Now main has got a big sponsors queue.

Expand Merge-o-Matic system

Both the appearance and functionality are obsolete, MoM needs expansion. Would be nice to have got a good looks (skin, template - design) system with notification on e-mail, if new merge is available. I see this as system based on MySQL DB and OpenID (for login module). New merging system should be based on bzr branch merges.

Where is needed help in clean-up?

What we have done?

  • ubuntu-universe-sponsors is cleared - many thanks to Benjamin Drung and Fabrice Countadeur

  • syncpackage script - consist to syncing package with Debian directly since sponsor ACK and automatically close bug. We reduce the time gap between sponsor ACK and Archive Admins work. Many thanks to Benjamin Drung and Martin Pitt.

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