On Discussing Artwork

If you present an idea or artwork, you should state

  • what you are trying to achieve with it.
  • who should be the audience.
  • the relevant assumptions you made.

If you want to criticise artwork, you should know about the above. But if you do or don't, it can be rewarding to express what you would think the artwork implies by itself.

It is often enlightening for the artist to have his work described by others.

You should not try to make people feel good about their art regardless of actually perceived quality. While no one should be discouraged from being creative, people need honest feedback to improve and to know where they stand. For some, this might not be the right venue at all. However, make a practice out of looking for and listing not only bad aspects, but also good aspects.

Consider the amount of work that was likely required to create what you are criticising. Adjust your own effort and care accordingly.

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