On what to put where in this wiki


  • Keep only information that is relevant to Artwork Team members and those who might join us. Keep out, update or remove everything else, with the exception of artwork submissions and proposals for previous releases and an archive of the look of previous releases. Not doing so wastes the readers time and makes the wiki harder to navigate and maintain.
  • Try to include, or link to, all relevant information.

Make use of the Page Template



The 1st level directly below Artwork is reserved for long-standing sections and general information. Only artwork projects that are not at all tied to the release cycles are allowed here (currently only the Breathe Icon Set).


Incoming is reserved for sub-pages for each new release and artwork projects that span more than one cycle. It is recommended for each such project to also have pages in the per-release sections to

  • document their state at the time of the relevant cycle.
  • to be visible among and open for comparison with per-release submissions.

Do not start with a page directly in Incoming, but rather add a page there only if your projects goes for at least a 2nd cycle.

Move your project to the section of the last released where it was relevant, if you no longer keep it current.


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