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Follow very loosely Tango's guidelines and refer to similar Humanity icons.

  • Usually a 48px icon has it's base at 3px from the bottom. All strokes should be 1px.
  • Light comes from the top.
  • Highlights are 40% opacity of white.
  • Shadows are 30% opacity of black. These are things you can see from other icons.

A good place to start is to look at other icons in the theme and see how they're constructed. Remember that it is more than okay to recycle parts of icons from other icons. Just like code, there's no read to redo something that's already been done.

A few icons are not present in all sizes , you can also scale the icons and help us complete the set.

Panel Icons

  • Start with a 22px icon.
  • Use 1px strokes and make sure the icons are pixel-aligned to the grid.[Use grid view in inkscape!]
  • Always maintain a padding of 3px from the bottom.
  • Finish the icon with 3px padding at the top too. [But if it is not possible, an extra 1px is used. But, a minimum of 2px padding needs to be present at the top.]
  • For Humanity use icon color "606060ff"
  • For Humanity-Dark use icon color "969696ff" [Do not use fill unless essential . If needed toggle transparency of the color but dont change the color values]
  • For 24px icons use the same 22px icon and add 1px padding around it. [i.e.:24px icon has 4px padding at the bottom and 4-3 px padding at the top.]

  • 16px icons are also easy to convert , since the 22px icons ,if done with the 3px padding, would fit within 16px too.

[Since , each applet in the notification area uses varied sizes either 16px , 22 px or 24px the icon size and the padding is basically a hack we have done in Humanity. This allows us to ensure that all the panel icons are consistent in size]

Icon format And submitting

While submitting the icons, always make sure to:

  1. Vacuum defs [File>Vacuum defs]

  2. Save icons in "Plain svg" format[File>Save as...> change the format from inkscape svg to plain svg and then save the icon.]

  3. Submit icons in all sizes 16 , 22 , 24 , 32 , 48 px.
  4. For the panel icons 16, 22 , 24 px icons would be sufficient.

To Submit the icons attach them to the wiki page

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