Wallpaper for use with the Peace theme.

Some thoughts

One thing that I really like about the Dapper Wallpaper is the dark and deep brown used in the upper left corner. It offers mystery and depth behind those shiny new Human folder icons. I'd like to borrow from that idea for this paper. I also like very subtle detail on my desktop because Gnome fonts don't really produce enough shadow underneath to be legible otherwise. Glows are OK, smooth transitions are fine, and detail is OK in the bottom right corner as I've found it's rarely used to store icons.

Sample Ideas

wheatglow-screen.jpg To me this paper is a bit on the bright side for use with Peace. Peace has a lot of dark hues that get lost on this background. It's here because I like the glow underneath the top panel. Cool effect.

readwheatglow.jpg Here I've colorized and added some fog but it's too red for my liking. If it weren't for the wheat in the corner not being so hot I would probably shift the colors a bit more toward burgandy. Tomorrow I may draw a new grass design by hand or tinker with these techniques on a few images. Note to self: Human icons look good on dark red bg.

peace-wheat-red1.jpg This wheat looks better to me. I need to figure out a way to make it stand out and to control the patina effect to allow for different tones where I want them. Still thinking it's too red, want more burgandy and browns...

clear-peace1-small.png This is a small rendition of the above wallpaper modified with a glass ubuntu logo in the bottom corner. I added a shadow to the top just for testing purposes. Although I really like the effect, I'm not sure I can get it to function well at all screen resolution.

Currently this paper in 1600x1200 jpg format takes up 100Kb. Compare that to the default on Dapper which is a whopping 1.3Mb for the widescreen and and 1.5Mb at 1600x1200. I thought I'd mentioned it here because I "hope" we can optimize Edgy's wallpaper some. 3mb seems rather extravagant.

Working Files


This is a full 1600x1200 png with darkened corners and the clear ubuntu logo. Still working hard to get the logo to be correctly displayed for all screen resolutions. I guess it's never going to be perfect. I'll upload a smaller screenshot of the same paper withough the logo for comparrision later. peace-cleartext7.png

Sorry about the large xcf file but I want to be able to test and edit this paper on machines at will and this is a very centralized location. Wink ;-)

Please Contribute

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