Submissions for Blubuntu's GDM Theme

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Please do not remove other people's work. Comments on the work should be made underneath each submission. Discussion is great!

Blubuntu GDM Submissions

Droplet GDM (Who)

I have made a contact sheet of many options. PLEASE scroll to the bottom because I think the best ones are there. These are using the water droplets (evolved from mercury droplets) and some of the disorder of the BG that Helmet posted


* I like Droplet 17 the best. I'd also like to see a version very similar with a name list underneath the username/password box though (kinda like in #6) Wink ;) - Derick_eisenhardt(2006-09-01@15:27CDT)

Stylebuntu Blue

I use this one called StyleBuntu Blue from flickr page:

It is GPL and can be found here:


Ubuntu G2 Blue

I use this one right now from

It is GPL and can be found here:


Human Tango Sky Blue

It is GPL and can be found here:


Ubuntu Blue

License is Creative Commons and the theme can be found here:


Blubuntu Droplet GDM (PingunZ)

This is a real GDM based on Who's mockups. Blubuntu.tar.gz

Blubuntu GDM (brentroos)

This is a nice Blubuntu GDM theme which I modified from using the Sunergos Blue GDM theme, and Swirly Ubuntu SVG

I modified this using Inkscape and Gimp.

Download it here:

Brent Roos

Sub-pages :


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