Submissions for Blubuntu's icons

Feel free to add your own submission to the bottom of this list.

Please do not remove other people's work. Comments on the work should be made underneath each submission. Discussion is great!

Blubuntu Icon Submissions

NuoveXT, by saki (submitted by Who)

I vote for nuovext - brickbat

Tango (submitted by Viper550)

Come on, Tango is included with Ubuntu, and it is primaraly Blue so it would be perfect! Big Grin :)

*I vote for Tango too ( PingunZ )


*I suggest using HumanAzul, which is a blue version of Dapper's standard Human theme. It's already fairly complete too. And no, I didn't make this, someone on named Sympozium did Wink ;) -Derick_eisenhardt

Thanks - I may well use many of these icons - I think I would change the folder icon first because I don't really like the Dapper folder icon :P - oh, and don't worry about submitting your own work if you want to! everything I have added ('cept NuoveXT) is done by me ;)

**That's odd, Dapper's folder icons are my favorite part of the set - Derick_eisenhardt(2006-09-01@15:31CDT)

**I second the HumanAzul suggestion. It maintains some continuity with the regular Human theme. The only issue I can think of: HumanAzul uses a darker blue than the Blubuntu theme. - Greg Unger

Dropline Neu!, by MarceloAtie

I vote to Dropline Neu, this is very clean, modern, and the colors help to differentiate the icons.

I don't think that icons only blue will be good.

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