This page aims to co-ordinate and collate some styles, moltifs and designs that could be used in Blubuntu

Please add your own ideas

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Additional Styles

Who's water drops

It is an SVG, so it can scale Smile :) Definitely needs some more work, but I think you ge the idea. A progression from the mercury droplet Larger Version


Suggestion: make the contours more regular to make the appearance more realistic. -- Como Molo


I think Beryl's SlateHorn Blue theme matches Blubuntu perfectly, so if you use Beryl, use SlateHorn Blue -- AzraelNightwalker


Anyone thought about making a Blubuntu Grub splash? -- AzraelNightwalker

I've done it. It was a hard work... only 14 colours -- Crispamares


Here is the file: grubsplash.xpm.gz

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