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Blubuntu Usplash Submissions

Blubuntu, by Fubar Bundy

This is a shameless mashup of the current Edgy Ubuntu usplash and the (recently removed) Blubuntu wallpaper from the edgy-community-wallpapers package. As I am a hack, I just directly modified usplash-theme-ubuntu to change references to usplash-theme-blubuntu. I have a deb that works if you run 'sudo update-alternatives --set /usr/lib/usplash/' followed by 'sudo update-initramfs -u' after installing (as you can see, I'm pretty clueless about making it 'just work' the right way.


- Probably this wasn't obvious to you when you made this, but all I can think is that this looks dodgy as hell. All I can think is "Somebody likes Ubuntu a tiny bit too much". I'd suggest making the water droplets bigger.

Archive containing i386 deb and sourceyness: blubuntuUsplash.tar.bz2

FlargenUbuntu, by Matt Russell

A very simple blue usplash. You have to run 'sudo update-alternatives --set /usr/lib/usplash/' then 'sudo update-initramfs -u' after installing the deb. I borrowed the code and /debian stuff from Blubuntu (I assume this is OK? :p). Note - I am not sure at all about the widescreen image (1365x768), and I didn't look into it properly - I pretty much guessed the proportions!


I post a screenshot when I can!

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