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Blubuntu Wallpaper Submissions

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Sphere (by teen)

Made with the GIMP...( as usual ) I'm trying my hand at Xara Xtreme LX and Inkscape , let's see what they can bring up. But this is with the GIMP...Gigantic as usual 1600 x 1200 pixels. blah.jpg

Blue (by teen)

Again made with the GIMP. Blue and white , very soothing to the eyes. With a matching blue ubuntu logo. The resolution is 1600x1200 pixels. Enjoy. I would so love some comments. blue.jpg

My Blue Wallpaper

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My Blue Wallpaper

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Fluid (by teen)

Made with The GIMP in Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Just thought this would be a nice fluid wallpaper...

Thanks, this is nice Smile :) - my only criticisms would be that I think the colours are a bit bright and the texture a little to 'busy' I would love to know how you got that texture though - if you could paste the .xcf it would be great as other people could learn from it... A suggestion would be to make the 'waves' a bit larger so it is more relaxing to look at - Who

Mecury Blobs montage (by Who)

All made in inkscape. As always with my montages, my favourite are at the bottom mercuryblobs.jpg

the last two shud make a gr8 one for either the splash or login screen!!

Blue Swirl (by teen)

Just thought that this would be cool. I made it myself.

Blue Bubbles (by Who)

Next Submission

[image] Got this from the site..I loved it...i think it wud make a gr8 wallpaper.. more inclined towards our Ubuntu.. wat say?? -hellmet

I need more info about the license and the available sizes if I am to consider it for inclusion. I do like it a lot Smile :) - Who

The site does not mention about licenses anywhere.. I think they got them from somewhere else. And also its an Indian rest assured about licenses..that should not be a problem dude..--Hellmet

Unfortunately to distribute things with Ubuntu we really need to know that the license is good for us. Also, we can't really ship wallpapers with advertising for another website on. If you can find/make any free wallpapers like this at 1600x1200 then I will seriously consider using them :). Thanks for getting back to me so soon, and for submitting the wallpapers! - Who

I'll let you know dude.. I can remove the website name from it ..coz I am 100% sure its not their original one.. I'll try contacting them..and will let you know as soon as they respond..

Hello, I've found this wallpaper here which leads to the homepage of the author since he is an ubuntu user I don't think there will be any problems, but I have now contacted him asking about the license Smile :) -weatherman

I like the last 1. brickbat Thanks..-hellmet

Hi, I'm the author of this last wallpaper and I appreciate that it was put here, even though it really isn't the original. About the license, this is under a CC license: . If desired, I can provide lossless PNGs up to 2560x1920 (3:4 and widescreen). Just ask! And by the way, this wallpaper was modelled in Blender and rendered in Yafray. Smile :) ... Hmmm looks like I indirectly removed the wallpaper from the site after I told them about the licese. I'm putting the original down the page. -Ratow

One more to go...but i think it can't beat the older one I posted -hellmet

Ubuntuflower (by Saoul)


I find this one to be the most elegant and serious. I would suggest to find a substitute for too much white in the upper part (LCDs tend to be very bright and that might hurt the eyes a bit), but the drawing is extraordinary and the Ubuntu logo is subtle. It reminds me a bit of the very good "Dawn of Ubuntu" available in Edgy Eft (where the stars could have been tiny Ubuntu logos). -- Como Molo


Dear Ratow,u can't take away the credit for the image below. It was me who got it from all u did was remove the logo from below.. what do u wanna say to save urself?? -hellmet even the comments are still lying above.. and u say u modeled it??LOL

Sorry if I don't get your sense of humor but in the comments above I wrote that I'm the author of the wallpaper. The image below is the original one, not an edit of the wallpaper you linked. The site has no original artwork (not to say stolen) and that's why the wallpaper is not there anymore. It was because of you and weatherman that I got here though, so you both deserve credit, I guess. Feel free to remove this section if you think this is unfair. -Ratow

What are the chances of dropping an Ubuntu logo (blue-tone or normal) into that hole? Not in normal form, but as if that is what was indeed dropped into the water. Ripple at the surface above the logo, etc. --E-werd

Modelled in Blender, Rendered in Yafray. Up to 2560x1920 available. splash.png

* This one kicks ass! - Derick_eisenhardt (2006-09-01@15:23CDT)

Blubuntu Wallpaper (brentroos)

This is a nice Blubuntu wallpaper which I modified from using the Swirly Ubuntu SVG

I modified this using Inkscape and Gimp.

Brent Roos

Untitled (by Instabin) I just made this today using gimp and the ubunt logo and words are from

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