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I believe that Ubuntu should involve some new features such as glowing buttons and windows. I think it would be fun and excellently visual if buttons that are selected(highlighted) would start glowing, starting from nothing and glowing to a set brightness. This idea would create a neat visual entertainment. I would be fun to have an OS where there is an excellent visual interface.


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  • Love this concept. The way I see it, the time-to-Full-Glow on the "On Hover" state should be a bit shorter than time-to-No-Glow on "Off Hover" state. Not sure if that makes any sense? -- BramPitoyo

  • I just drew it that way. I'm sorry if it was unclear. My idea is that the time to glow on and off would be the same. -- Lmessenger 2007-11-23 21:43:39

  • Well, actually on hovering an item there should be instant glow (at least really fast) and fading the glow should be applied to onMouseOut only. Fading is eye-candy, and when navigating a menu you don't want to wait for the computer having finished the rendering. Be it scrolling, jumping, zooming or fading. Those effects can be applied when user interaction is finished, since they no longer restrict the user from doing what he wants to do. Since the primary goal of the glow effect is to show the user which item currently is in focus, the glow should be there immediately when we know what's in focus.
  • Sounds cool, and I think they could make it so it doesn't render too slow. Just look at the Opera browser; they already implemented this.

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