A mock up of a possible desktop appearance, how the avant window manager can be integrated, a possible future skin/change to nautilus. I really tried to make this as aesthetically appealing as possible and I hope that it might influence the direction of the next ubuntu release.


Can be viewed here: http://willwill100.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-Mockup-Hardy-Heron-74511244


  • This is definitely one of the better dark themes, but I personally still feel such a dark theme should be avoided. -Sumit, 2008|01|30
  • Looks great. I think this is one of the most professional looking skins I've seen. Thou I would not like to see such a dark theme in Ubuntu default - Maybe it could be included so users could choose??? This actually looks like something for Ubuntu Studio -MadsRH, 2008|02|22

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