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=== Revision .02 Studio Style ===

||Version .01 :: [attachment:kith_intrepid_v02_studio.svg Source] :: Image by Ken Vermette||

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Kith Intrepid

"Kith Intrepid" is a theme based "Kith" (Hardy), the lightweight cousin of the "Union" theme. The goal of the theme is not to set new art precedence, but merely go with "what looks good and would be functional"

Currently the theme plan is to use the same buttons from the themes in the reference links, and enable the outer "Window Halo" with Emerald. The window frames for non-compiz machines would be similar to the original Kith theme, with no need for emerald.

Note About Updates

The author will have a slow turnover for new updates, apologies if any ideas or comments aren't immediately recognized. Unofficial updates and forks are very welcome, and good ideas will be rolled over into the "official" images.

Concept Images

There are no GTK themes available as of yet, the theme so far is only within concept stages. The theme goals mirror the original Union project:

  • Be extremely clean with minimal clutter; Avoid information overflow.
  • Use sharp graphics and smooth gradients; Make the theme clear-cut yet gentle.
  • Showcase a unique visual identity; People know Ubuntu when they see it.
  • Look solid, yet lightweight; People hate flimsy feeling windows and being weighed down.
  • Demonstrate the cutting edge without overstepping; Use as much technology we have, use very little we don't.
  • Display the graphical prowess of Linux; Some people still think we only have command-line.



Currently Unavailable


Revision .02

Style 1


Style 2


Version .01 :: [attachment:kith_intrepid_v01.svg Source (Style 1)] [attachment:kith_intrepid_v02.svg Source (Style 2)] :: Image by Ken Vermette

The styles of the above pictures are a difference in the minimize, maximize and close buttons

Revision .02 Studio Style


Version .01 :: [attachment:kith_intrepid_v02_studio.svg Source] :: Image by Ken Vermette

Revision .01


Version .01 :: [attachment:kith_intrepid_v01.svg Source] :: Image by Ken Vermette




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