It is time to give a modern look to our favorite distribution! The new theme should make a more clever use of orange than previously (not over-use it), should be mainly color-neutral, and everyting except taskbars and windows borders should be white or light gray for readability reasons and to keep everything less heavy than many existing dark themes. Please read the guidelines of the project.


A good starting point for the palette (missing some light gray):


This artwork gets rid of the old-fashion looking GLASSY effect, which was cool 6 years ago. Time to move on!

This is inspired by the Gelatin theme and this XP theme.

The icons used in "places" are not mandatory; I just tried something new, but I'm sure we can find something - not glassy - better.

Concept Art

Sorry for the size: this is how it would look like on a 1024x768 screen.


Fullsize Image by fde

Alternative background (a better one IMO):


Fullsize Image by fde

Alternative icons and different glow on the button (the best one for me):


Fullsize Image by fde



  • For images, use a low resolution picture in the wiki page. It should be no taller than 240 pixels. If you need to upload higher resolutions, please upload them as an attachment and link to them from the page.
  • Use @SIG@ to leave your signature at the end of your comment. New comments should be placed at the bottom of the feedback.


Compiz and Emerald

As the theme progress we will upload images of the latest version and keep only important steps of its evolution.

The current state of the theme as posting this is 0.5.x. Now the focus is dedicated to the Layered view. (AntonKerezov)


Fullsize Image by dilomo


We will upload here the latest images of the latest version with Metacity. The current state of the theme as posting this is 0.5.x.

1. New Wave Pack v0.7.0


Fullsize Image by dilomo

XFce and xfwm4

As of version 0.5.9 the theme has support for Xfce and their window manager xfwm



Fullsize Image by dilomo

Fullsize Image by dilomo

Welcome Screen (GDM)

The GDM screen based on DanRabbit's Interpid Ibex GDM:


New Wave GDM

Fullsize Image by dilomo

New Wave GDM v0.5

New Wave GDM v0.5 Grape Fruit

New Wave GDM v0.5 Serene

New Wave GDM v0.5 Green Lemon

Another variant of this same GDM has been made with the Dawn of Ubuntu image for those who prefer the Day of Ubuntu slideshow as wallpaper:

New Wave GDM v0.5 Dawn of Ubuntu

There is page at available too.

Welcome Screen with Face browser (GDM-List)


New Wave GDM Lits

Fullsize Image by dilomo

New Wave GDM List v0.1

For best results you should specify gtkrc (the New Wave one) file in the first tab of the Identification Screen utility.

Lock-Dialog Theme

This pack themes the window that is shown when you want to unlock you PC. Here's preview:


Fullsize Image by dilomo

New Wave Lock-Dialog v0.5

To install it please:

1. Unpack files to /usr/share/gnome-screensaver/. You may exclude the README file.

2. Open gconf-editor (Alt+F2, type it and press enter) change the entry apps/gnome-screensaver/lock_dialog_theme from 'default' to 'newwave'

3. Enjoy!

To enjoy this theme fully I recommend using a picture of your choice of size 96x96 px. You could change your current one by going to System > Preference > About Me and click on the button besides your name.



Hot Wave v0.3 Intense

Hot Wave v0.3 Chaos

Fullsize Image by dilomo

Fullsize Image by dilomo


Lime Light v0.1

Fullsize Image by dilomo


"Square" Lines v0.1

Fullsize Image by dilomo

Day of Ubuntu Slideshow Wallpaper (instructions inside). This wallpaper changes according to the current time. I've only changed default time transitions. Full credit goes to original authors:


Day of Ubuntu

Download Edited by PRGUY85

Theme Engine

Efforts to customize clearlooks have been stopped. Instead the theme is now based on the pixmap engine.


This could be also downloaded from (theme page) or the Launch Pad Download section.

If you want to test the theme (gtk, metacity and emerald themes included):

Download Link

Description (Changes)

New Wave Pack v0.8.2

Fixed many bugs and improved usability for those who work a lot infront of the monitor. Enchansed NW Configurator.

Older Versions

New Wave Pack v0.8.1

Many improvements and bugfixes. New Wave Configurator (GUI) available.

New Wave Pack v0.8.0

A lot of fixes for more crisp and clear look. Firefox theme included.

New Wave Pack v0.7.3

Finally fixed Eclipse issues. Improved emerald themes as well as userChrome.css file for Firefox.

New Wave Pack v0.7.2-1

Some more tweaks because the previous file contains errors.

New Wave Pack v0.7.2

Fixed bugs for Eclipse integration (#318621,#320097) and finally managed to allow different panel sizes: #261360

New Wave Pack v0.7.1

Fixed bug #311311. Many controls have decreased contrast for better usability.

New Wave Pack v0.7.0

A lot of changes and tweaks to the overall look. For more information see the README file.

New Wave Pack v0.6.2

Fixed bug #273563. Removed emerald theme v0.3.5 because it is obsolate

New Wave Pack v0.6.1

Fixed bad looking progressbars inside treeviews. Some fixes on the menubarshadow and metacity restore button. Other fixes.

New Wave Pack v0.6.0

Totally redesigned Metacity. New panels, better dropped shadow on menubars and menus.

New range/sliders. Mini theme added for small screens. Other improvements.

New Wave RC Pack v0.5.11

Moving to dark menus to fix Firefox issue without using userChrome.css. Comboboxes have white menus for better usability.

The Main menus is light but requires a patch that will be available in Gnome 2.24 and thus in Ibex. Other bugfixes.

New Wave RC Pack v0.5.10

Redesign and cleanup of Progressbar, Entry, Spin button and Combobox entry. Added some missing images for arrows and range.

New Wave RC Pack v0.5.9

All warning messages are fixed. Better support for XFce and xfwm4. Fixed bugs: #263550, #265024 and #265038

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5.8

Cleanup of some images. For more info look into the README file.

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5.7

Redesigned metacity to match New Wave "spirit". New Menu Item and Panel buttons design.

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5.6

Fixed bug with Appearance dialog crash. New menu style. More title+menubar contrast added. Use Tangerine icon set by default.

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5.5

Updated metacity to have similar looks with the Emerald themes. Added different arrow style for most controls.

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5.4

Horizontal line borders fixed as well as few warnings.

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5.3

Fixed bug #258688 - Default file permissions impede system-wide usage. 0.5.2:Unified color(active, prelight) of scrollbars with buttons.

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5.1

New scrollbars position and look. Bug fixes.

New Wave Beta Pack v0.5

Totally redesigned widgets and gtk theme based on pixmap engine.

New Wave Alpha Pack v0.4.3

Includes new version of the metacity border theme (0.3).

New Wave Alpha Pack v0.4.2

Include the Firefox/Thunderbird fix as well as some new icons that are not yet used but will be.

New Wave Alpha Pack v0.4.1

Includes Metacity theme.

New Wave Alpha Pack v0.4

Unified color of title and menubars.

New Wave PreAlpha Pack v0.3

Darker menubar.

The latest changes are available in the Launchpad repositories.

Theme Engine (not used):

New Wave Engine v0.1

Known Issues

Help Needed

The theme team needs your help for the following things:

You can participate by joining the New Wave Team at New Wave Theme Suit launchpad project.



Fullsize Image by dilomo

Fullsize Image by dilomo


Fullsize Image by dilomo


Fullsize Image by dilomo


Fullsize Image by dilomo


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