This propose of hardy theme suggests to Ubuntu 7.10 use the beautiful new Clearlooks engine with subtle changes in the color, selected menu item and in the gnome main-menu.


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* Wow. I have to say this is my favorite one. It's pretty much the only one that keeps to the smooth, calm Ubuntu origins rather than creating some ghastly new theme. The only suggestions I have are to bring back the desktop, trash, multiple-desktop, user, and turn-off icons and to make the title bar slightly less bright.

Wow, this is a whole another direction than what other people are comping. I like its minimal transparencies and small rounded corner radius are everywhere, and appreciate its prominent use of white and grey (vs. orange and brown.)

I also dig the fact that transparency is properly used to "de-emphasize" inactive window instead of bringing needless things into attention. I think that this particular concept is very sound by way of usability (ie. farther things appear more opaque.)

All these facts give the theme a rather matured look. Some suggestions: the top grey bar could be made whiter, the 1 pixel bright orange border on the active window could be subdued, and the 'close' button could be made more modern (this one reminded me too much of XP.)

Best of luck! - BramPitoyo

* I like it. The changes to 'clearlooks' are very subtle and yet elegant. Prominent orange, yet still easy on the eyes. Very nice. And since the changes are not that big, it shouldn't be too huge a task to realise. You've my vote. - Raphael Bosshard

*WOW! It's simple and clean. Perfect, you have my vote too. -- Simontol

* amazing! love it.

* I think it has a lot of potential, my personal comments are that the menu items (in the menu not the menu bar) are spaced too far apart, and either the font size should be increased on the text, or the icons should be made smaller (what are those 48x48?) so that there's less wasted space in between menu items. Then as far as the window theme I think the close button needs help, although I don't really have an idea how to improve it. Although I do think the part that bugs me is the "highlight" on the bottom and lower parts of the sides. I don't think it bugs me as much, but I don't care for that same highlight on the selected menu items either (again the menu items in the menu not in the menu bar) Anyways great job! - Ademan

Actually, that's not even evolution, just a tad of new clothes for the everlasting app & status bar on the top, window bar on the bottom theme, that's been around for ages. It takes up too much screen real estate in my opinion and is not very "modern" in the sense of this being a UI paradigm created in 1995 by Microsoft (only that they managed to do it in one bar, not two).

While I do appreciate the subtle chances to the Clear Look graphics, I think you should look into changing the rather confusing menu structure in the "System" menu and reconsider the entire desktop menubar. Maybe someone can come up with something more usable with regard to application access and system management. - Sebastian Niesen

* I love it too ! I quickly want a package to test it. Thanks. VetselPatrice

I love the way the drop down menus are displayed but if the close button is any indication of what the rest of the buttons on the theme will be I have to say that I don't care for them - too 'puffy', reminds me of the default Windows XP theme which is just way too kid-ish for my taste. Still, very well done. - Rafe Magnuson

I definitely like t his more than the other theme proposals. I think the panels and menus are a little too big though. --- DanBurke

Wow... I love it! Very clean, not too drastic a change. DanBurke, it looks like the screenshot is of a desktop with 800x600 resolution... if you go higher than that, I assume that the panels/menus would become smaller. - BaltikaTroika

Here it is an implementation for downloading:


Update 2:

I love the cleanness and simplicity. I like the colors, especially the fact that the gray is whiter than in the Human theme. MihaiCapotă

I'm sold. - Rekoil

Everybody will say there are some little changes to be made but the fact is: this is how ubuntu should look! Simple and bright like it is inside.

I just don't know why theme designers insist on brown. I think it reflects a very stereotypical vision of Africa. And besides, there's no brown on ubuntu logo.

This is my favorite theme Smile :)

Fantastic, one of the best I've seen so far.

  • - Sigmund Fraud

Really awesome!!! Where can we get a copy to try? This has my vote for Intrepid too!


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