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I tried to show the idea of an ibex without getting into satanism or heavy machinery. Note that non-brown colors are used Smile :-)




So far the idea is based on a spiral of simple dots which should represent the horns of the ibex (the most interesting part, I think). The background shows how one could use browns and other colors...needs a lot of work, really Smile :-)

Anchor(Palette) Palette Check for the current version. Until now this idea is only roughly based on the exact colors.


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  • I think its pretty and has potential but what would it be used for? The shape doesn't fit with Ubuntu enough. Maybe for a splash theme? -- Brettalton DateTime(2008-06-18T22:57:51Z)

  • I really like the colors. I think this would be great for a bootsplash. For example, progress could be indicated by the how completed the logo is. The design needs a little work. The design doesn't fit as either Ubuntu's logo nor an Ibex horns. I would really push for this to be the next bootsplash, as I can see a lot of potential. -- isaacj87

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