Many Images to add?

Have a look at this Thumbnailer.

Alternatively, you can use this very simple Bash script. It requires imagemagick (Install imagemagick). Open a terminal, cd to the directory with your images (and nothing else in it!) and enter:

for a in *; do convert $a -resize 300 ${a%%.*}_s.jpg; done

Then, to create wiki markup:

mkdir small
mv *_s.* small/
for a in *; do echo "{{attachment:"${a%%.*}"_s.jpg}}<<BR>>"; echo "[[attachment:"$a"|Full Size]]"; echo ""; done

Here, you first create a directory small to move the small versions out of the way. The filenames of the small version are generated by the script by stripping the extension from the filenames and adding _s.jpg. This way it can be done in a single loop.

Better, more robust scripts or additional explanations are welcome!


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