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Creating New Login Experience for Ubuntu

The login experience is an important part of interaction with the system; a gateway to the user's personal account and an opportunity to reinforce Ubuntu brand and its values. The current solution leaves a feeling of unfulfilled promise and does not provide a truly delightful experience. There are few fundamental goals that the new Face Browser should achieve:

  • To provide a responsive, reliable and easy-to-use interface to log into the system
  • To wow and delight end users
  • To make Ubuntu login experience unique, different and simply amazing!

Iteration 2 [GDM] edit by mac_v

  • Just an idea for the gdm. I'v not changed anything else , only the gdm has been altered.
  • The present gdm doesn't seem to use the space provided by the boot , the boot seems to occur in a room with light from above but the gdm just hangs in front.

So I'v *tried* to use the space and create a 3rd dimention to the gdm list.

Sidenote: For a11y reasons I have not changed the text size of the other non-selected items , but rather only increased the size of the selected item. [Maybe the non-selected item's text could be a bit smaller , size 12?] --mac_v



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